Ecological Archives E093-064-A2

Ellen J. Hamann and Brian P. Kennedy. 2012. Juvenile dispersal affects straying behaviors of adults in a migratory population. Ecology 93:733–740.

Appendix B. Cluster analysis and source site designation of individual Chinook salmon.

   FIG. B1. Sr isotopic signatures of primary spawning/natal source clusters and posterior group assignments of carcasses using discriminant function analysis. Water and juvenile otolith samples from the six primary spawning locations were used as a training set that then assigned each of the 76 carcasses to a natal source cluster based on 87Sr/86Sr values. Posterior probability of group membership was >90% in the majority (61 out of 76) of sampled carcasses. In six cases, posterior probability was less than 70%, and group membership was assigned as the cluster designated by the DFA. Isotopic values varied significantly between all sites, and all pairwise comparisons were significant. Error bars = SE.

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