Ecological Archives E093-016-A4

Fernando Alfredo Lattanzi, German Darío Berone, Wolfgang Feneis, and Hans Schnyder. 2012. 13C-labeling shows the effect of hierarchy on the carbon gain of individuals and functional groups in dense field stands. Ecology 93:169–179.

Appendix D (Fig. D1). (a) Evolution of δ13C of shoots of C3 (grey circles) and C4 species (white circles) during steady state 13C labeling in a subtropical grassland, in Uruguay (31.2°S, 57.5°W). (b) Evolution of δ13C of shoots of C3 (grey symbols) and C4 species (white symbols) as a function of cumulative PAR in grasslands of Germany (squares), Argentina (triangles) and Uruguay (circles).

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