Ecological Archives E092-060-A1

Brian D. Lutz, Emily S. Bernhardt, Brian J. Roberts, and Patrick J. Mulholland. 2011. Examining the coupling of carbon and nitrogen cycles in Appalachian streams: the role of dissolved organic nitrogen. Ecology 92:720–732.

Appendix A (FIG. A1). Stream water nitrate concentrations and mean watershed N deposition rates for each of the four synoptic surveys. Regressions between mean catchment N deposition and stream water NO3- concentrations for each survey [September 2004: NO3 = 0.043 NDep -0.31; April 2005: NO3 = 0.0579 NDep -0.43; May 2007: NO3 = 0.071 NDep -0.46, October 2008: NO3 = 0.042 NDep -0.30]. Mean catchment N deposition rates were calculated from an N deposition map developed for GSMNP (Weathers et al. 2006).


Weathers, K. C., S. M. Simkin, G. M. Lovett, and S. E. Lindberg. 2006. Empirical modeling of atmospheric deposition in mountainous landscapes. Ecological Applications 16:1590–1607.

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