Ecological Archives E092-043-A9

Kirk M. Stueve, Rachel E. Isaacs, Lucy E. Tyrrell, and Roseann V. Densmore. 2011. Spatial variability of biotic and abiotic tree establishment constraints across a treeline ecotone in the Alaska Range. Ecology 92:496–506.

Appendix I. Comparison of tree establishment controls between Mount Rainier (disturbed) and Denali (undisturbed).

TABLE I1. Tree establishment comparison between Mount Rainier and Denali. Note, the lowest two zones (A and B) from Mount Rainier were discounted for the comparison because infilling was so extensive in these zones that only extremely unfavorable sites remained.



Stueve, K. M., D. L. Cerney, R. M. Rochefort, and L. L. Kurth. 2009. Post-fire tree establishment patterns at the alpine treeline ecotone: Mount Rainier National Park, Washington, USA. Journal of Vegetation Science 20:107–120.

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