Ecological Archives E091-113-A2

Robin W. Warne, Alaina D. Pershall, and Blair O. Wolf. 2010. Linking precipitation and C3–C4 plant production to resource dynamics in higher trophic level consumers. Ecology 91:1628–1638.

Appendix B (TABLE B1). ANOVA results for the effects of season and annual primary production patterns on resource assimilation (δ13C) in lizards and arthropods.


Notes: For all lizards, lizard species were treated as random effects in a two-way fixed and random effects model.  Seasonal and year effects were examined using Tukey-Kramer’s hsd post hoc analyses.  The pre-monsoon is labeled as Pre-mon, and the monsoon season is labeled as Mon.  The 2005 Mon. to 2006 Pre-mon. is the comparison of the 2005 monsoon to 2006 pre-monsoon period.

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