Ecological Archives E091-098-A2

Luis Giménez. 2010. Relationships between habitat conditions, larval traits, and juvenile performance in a marine invertebrate. Ecology 91:1401–1413.

Appendix B. A figure summarizing the sampling, experimental and statistical methods.

   FIG. B1. Carcinus maenas. Summary of methods to study relationships between larval and juvenile: (a) Field and experimental approach to study variability in individual traits, juvenile growth and effects of food availability on juveniles. (b) Structural equation model to evaluate the relationships between time to larval and juvenile traits up to the second juvenile stage (data from 2003–2005); the arrows show the relationships included in the model; the direction of the arrows show the nature of the relationship, with arrows leaving independent variables and arriving to dependent variables. (c) Structural equation model to evaluate the same relationships as in (a) but considering five juvenile stages (2003, 2005). In (c) the size or duration of the development at each stage were correlated with size and development at all previous stages; for simplicity, arrows linking variables are shown only for those reaching the stage JIV and the duration of development of stage III (dependent variable).

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