Ecological Society of America


Digital Appendices, Supplements, and Data Papers for Ecology, Volume 90, 2009



Yoshizaki, Jun, Kenneth H. Pollock, Cavell Brownie, and Raymond A. Webster. 2009.
Modeling misidentification errors in capture–recapture studies using photographic identification of evolving marks.
Ecology 90:3–9.
Ecological Archives E090-001.

Martin, Julien, James D. Nichols, Carol L. McIntyre, Gonçalo Ferraz, and James E. Hines. 2009.
Perturbation analysis for patch occupancy dynamics.
Ecology 90:10–16.
Ecological Archives E090-002.

Valeix, M., A. J. Loveridge, S. Chamaillé-Jammes, Z. Davidson, F. Murindagomo, H. Fritz, and D. W. Macdonald. 2009.
Behavioral adjustments of African herbivores to predation risk by lions: spatiotemporal variations influence habitat use.
Ecology 90:23–30.
Ecological Archives E090-003.

Birt, Andrew, Richard M. Feldman, David M. Cairns, Robert N. Coulson, Maria Tchakerian, Weimin Xi, and James M. Guldin. 2009.
Stage-structured matrix models for organisms with non-geometric development times.
Ecology 90:57–68.
Ecological Archives E090-004.

Pemberton, Robert W., and Hong Liu. 2009.
Marketing time predicts naturalization of horticultural plants.
Ecology 90:69–80.
Ecological Archives E090-005.

Viketoft, Maria, Janne Bengtsson, Björn Sohlenius, Matty P. Berg, Owen Petchey, Cecilia Palmborg, and Kerstin Huss-Danell. 2009.
Long-term effects of plant diversity and composition on soil nematode communities in model grasslands.
Ecology 90:90–99.
Ecological Archives E090-006.

Wood, Tana E., Deborah Lawrence, Deborah A. Clark, and Robin L. Chazdon. 2009.
Rain forest nutrient cycling and productivity in response to large-scale litter manipulation.
Ecology 90:109–121.
Ecological Archives E090-007.

Johnson, Pieter T. J., Anthony R. Ives, Richard C. Lathrop, and Stephen R. Carpenter. 2009.
Long-term disease dynamics in lakes: causes and consequences of chytrid infections in Daphnia populations.
Ecology 90:132–144.
Ecological Archives E090-008.

Hylander, Kristoffer. 2009.
No increase in colonization rate of boreal bryophytes close to propagule sources.
Ecology 90:160–169.
Ecological Archives E090-009.

Kuang, Jessica J., and Peter Chesson. 2009.
Coexistence of annual plants: Generalist seed predation weakens the storage effect.
Ecology 90:170–182.
Ecological Archives E090-010.

Pennings, Steven C., Chuan-Kai Ho, Cristiano S. Salgado, Kazimierz Więski, Nilam Davé, Amy E. Kunza, and Elizabeth L. Wason. 2009.
Latitudinal variation in herbivore pressure in Atlantic Coast salt marshes.
Ecology 90:183–195.
Ecological Archives E090-011.

Cronin, James T. 2009.
Habitat edges, within-patch dispersion of hosts, and parasitoid oviposition behavior.
Ecology 90:196–207.
Ecological Archives E090-012.

Langkilde, Tracy L. 2009.
Invasive fire ants alter behavior and morphology of native lizards.
Ecology 90:208–217.
Ecological Archives E090-013.

Brown, William P., and Roland R. Roth. 2009.
Age-specific reproduction and survival of individually marked Wood Thrushes, Hylocichla mustelina.
Ecology 90:218–229.
Ecological Archives E090-014.

Schauber, Eric M., Matthew J. Connors, Brett J. Goodwin, Clive G. Jones, and Richard S. Ostfeld. 2009.
Quantifying a dynamic risk landscape: heterogeneous predator activity and implications for prey persistence.
Ecology 90:240–251.
Ecological Archives E090-015.

MacNeil, M. Aaron, Nicholas A. J. Graham, Nicholas V. C. Polunin, Michel Kulbicki, René Galzin, Mireille Harmelin-Vivien, and Steven P. Rushton. 2009.
Hierarchical drivers of reef-fish metacommunity structure.
Ecology 90:252–264.
Ecological Archives E090-016.

Low Choy, Samantha, Rebecca O'Leary, and Kerrie Mengersen. 2009.
Elicitation by design in ecology: using expert opinion to inform priors for Bayesian statistical models.
Ecology 90:265–277.
Ecological Archives E090-017.

Vermaat, Jan E., Jennifer A. Dunne, and Alison J. Gilbert. 2009.
Major dimensions in food-web structure properties.
Ecology 90:278–282.
Ecological Archives E090-018.

Hervé Sinoquet, Sylvain Pincebourde, Boris Adam, Nicolas Donès, Jessada Phattaralerphong, Didier Combes, Stéphane Ploquin, Krissada Sangsing, Poonpipope Kasemsap, Sornprach Thanisawanyangkura, Géraldine Groussier-Bout, and Jérôme Casas. 2009.
3-D maps of tree canopy geometries at leaf scale.
Ecology 90:283.
Ecological Archives E090-019.

Brookshire, E. N. J., H. M. Valett, and S. Gerber. 2009.
Maintenance of terrestrial nutrient loss signatures during in-stream transport.
Ecology 90:293–299.
Ecological Archives E090-020.

Grayson, Kristine L., and Henry M. Wilbur. 2009.
Sex- and context-dependent migration in a pond-breeding amphibian.
Ecology 90:306–312.
Ecological Archives E090-021.

McClintock, Brett T., and Gary C. White. 2009.
A less field-intensive robust design for estimating demographic parameters with mark–resight data.
Ecology 90:313–320.
Ecological Archives E090-022.

Potvin, Catherine, and Pierre Dutilleul. 2009.
Neighborhood effects and size-asymmetric competition in a tree plantation varying in diversity.
Ecology 90:321–327.
Ecological Archives E090-023.

Comita, Liza S., and Stephen P. Hubbell. 2009.
Local neighborhood and species' shade tolerance influence survival in a diverse seedling bank.
Ecology 90:328–334.
Ecological Archives E090-024.

Poos, Mark S., Steven C. Walker, and Donald A. Jackson. 2009.
Functional-diversity indices can be driven by methodological choices and species richness.
Ecology 90:341–347.
Ecological Archives E090-025.

Murray, Kim, and Mary M. Conner. 2009.
Methods to quantify variable importance: implications for the analysis of noisy ecological data.
Ecology 90:348–355.
Ecological Archives E090-026.

José Miguel Ponciano, Mark L. Taper, Brian Dennis, and Subhash R. Lele. 2009.
Hierarchical models in ecology: confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, and model selection using data cloning.
Ecology 90:356–362.
Ecological Archives E090-027.

Shipley, Bill. 2009.
Confirmatory path analysis in a generalized multilevel context.
Ecology 90:363–368.
Ecological Archives E090-028.

O'Connor, Mary I. 2009.
Warming strengthens and herbivore–plant interaction.
Ecology 90:388–398.
Ecological Archives E090-029.

Gedan, Keryn Bromberg, Caitlin M. Crain, and Mark D. Bertness. 2009.
Small-mammal herbivore control of secondary succession in New England tidal marshes.
Ecology 90:430–440.
Ecological Archives E090-030.

Strickland, Michael S., Christian Lauber, Noah Fierer, and Mark A. Bradford. 2009.
Testing the functional significance of microbial community composition.
Ecology 90:441–451.
Ecological Archives E090-031.

Wardle, David A., Peter J. Bellingham, Karen I. Bonner, and Christa P. H. Mulder. 2009.
Indirect effects of invasive predators on litter decomposition and nutrient resorption on seabird-dominated islands.
Ecology 90:452–464.
Ecological Archives E090-032.

Genries, A., L. Mercier, M. Lavoie, S. D. Muller, O. Radkovitch, and C. Carcaillet. 2009.
The effect of fire frequency on local cembra pine populations.
Ecology 90:476–486.
Ecological Archives E090-033.

Marshall, Dustin J., and Michael J. Keough. 2009.
Does interspecific competition affect offspring provisioning?
Ecology 90:487–495.
Ecological Archives E090-034.

Tanner, Jason E., Terence P. Hughes, and Joseph H. Connell. 2009.
Community-level density dependence: an example from a shallow coral assemblage.
Ecology 90:506–516.
Ecological Archives E090-035.

Hinojosa-Arango, Gustavo, Christine A. Maggs, and Mark P. Johnson. 2009.
Like a rolling stone: the mobility of maerl (corallinaceae) and the neutrality of the associated assemblages.
Ecology 90:517–528.
Ecological Archives E090-036.

Willems, Erik P., and Russell A. Hill. 2009.
Predator-specific landscapes of fear and resource distributions: effects on spatial range use.
Ecology 90:546–555.
Ecological Archives E090-037.

Al-Khafaji, Karim, Shripad Tuljapurkar, James R. Carey, and Robert E. Page, Jr. 2009.
Hierarchical demography: a general approach with an application to honey bees.
Ecology 90:556–566.
Ecological Archives E090-038.

Petraitis, Peter S., Harrison Liu, and Erika C. Rhile. 2009.
Barnacle, fucoid, and mussel recruitment in the Gulf of Maine, USA, from 1997 to 2007.
Ecology 90:571.
Ecological Archives E090-039.

Pintor, Lauren M., Andrew Sih, and Jacob L. Kerby. 2009.
Behavioral correlations provide a mechanism for explaining high invader densities and increased impacts on native prey.
Ecology 90:581–587.
Ecological Archives E090-040.

Lawler, Joshua J., Sarah L. Shafer, Denis White, Peter Kareiva, Edwin P. Maurer, Andrew R. Blaustein, and Patrick J. Bartlein. 2009.
Projected climate-induced faunal change in the Western Hemisphere.
Ecology 90:588–597.
Ecological Archives E090-041.

Fortunel, Claire, Eric Garnier, Richard Joffre, Elena Kazakou, Helen Quested, Karl Grigulis, Sandra Lavorel and the VISTA consortium† (†: Pauline Ansquer, Helena Castro, Pablo Cruz, Jiri Dolezal, Ove Eriksson, Helena Freitas, Carly Golodets, Claire Jouany, Jaime Kigel, Michael Kleyer, Veiko Lehsten, Jan Lepš, Tonia Meier, Robin Pakeman, Maria Papadimitriou, Vasilios P. Papanastasis, Fabien Quétier, Matt Robson, Marcelo Sternberg, Jean-Pierre Theau, Aurélie Thébault, and Maria Zarovali). 2009.
Leaf traits capture the effects of land use changes and climate on litter decomposability of grasslands across Europe.
Ecology 90:598–611.
Ecological Archives E090-042.

Alexander, Jake M., Peter J. Edwards, Myriam Poll, Catherine G. Parks, and Hansjörg Dietz. 2009.
Establishment of parallel altitudinal clines in traits of native and introduced forbs.
Ecology 90:612–622.
Ecological Archives E090-043.

Porder, Stephen, and Oliver A. Chadwick. 2009.
Climate and soil-age constraints on nutrient uplift and retention by plants.
Ecology 90:623–636.
Ecological Archives E090-044.

Wacker, Luca, Oksana Baudois, Susann Eichenberger-Glinz, and Bernhard Schmid. 2009.
Diversity effects in early- and mid-successional species pools along a nitrogen gradient.
Ecology 90:637–648.
Ecological Archives E090-045.

Legendre, Pierre, Xiangcheng Mi, Haibao Ren, Keping Ma, Mingjian Yu, I-Fang Sun, and Fangliang He. 2009.
Partitioning beta diversity in a subtropical broad-leaved forest of China.
Ecology 90:663–674.
Ecological Archives E090-046.

Briggs, Jennifer S., Stephen B. VanderWall, and Stephen H. Jenkins. 2009.
Forest rodents provide directed dispersal of Jeffrey pine seeds.
Ecology 90:675–687.
Ecological Archives E090-047.

Brodie, Jebediah F., Olga E. Helmy, Warren Y. Brockelman, and John L. Maron. 2009.
Functional differences within a guild of tropical mammalian frugivores.
Ecology 90:688–698.
Ecological Archives E090-048.

Godvik, Inger Maren Rivrud, Leif Egil Loe, Jon Alav Vik, Vebjørn Veiberg, Rolf Langvatn, and Atle Mysterud. 2009.
Temporal scales, trade-offs, and functional responses in red deer habitat selection.
Ecology 90:699–710.
Ecological Archives E090-049.

DeGabriel, Jane L., Ben D. Moore, William J. Foley, and Christopher N. Johnson. 2009.
The effects of plant defensive chemistry on nutrient availability predict reproductive success in a mammal.
Ecology 90:711–719.
Ecological Archives E090-050.

Wolf, Shaye G., William J. Sydeman, J. Mark Hipfner, Christine L. Abraham, Bernie R. Tershy, and Donald A. Croll. 2009.
Range-wide reproductive consequences of ocean climate variability for the seabird Cassin's Auklet.
Ecology 90:742–753.
Ecological Archives E090-051.

Chapman, M. G., and A. J. Underwood. 2009.
Evaluating accuracy and precision of species–area relationships for multiple estimators and different marine assemblages.
Ecology 90:754–766.
Ecological Archives E090-052.

Hoogenboom, Mia O., and Sean R. Connolly. 2009.
Defining fundamental niche dimensions of corals: synergistic effects of colony size, light, and flow.
Ecology 90:767–780.
Ecological Archives E090-053.

Hall, Spencer R., Claes R. Becker, Joseph L. Simonis, Meghan A. Duffy, Alan J. Tessier, and Carla E. Cáceres. 2009.
Friendly competition: evidence for a dilution effect among competitors in a planktonic host–parasite system.
Ecology 90:791–801.
Ecological Archives E090-054.

Law, Richard, Michael J. Plank, Alex James, and Julia L. Blanchard. 2009.
Size-spectra dynamics from stochastic predation and growth of individuals.
Ecology 90:802–811.
Ecological Archives E090-055.

MacKenzie, Darryl I., James D. Nichols, Mark E, Seamans and R. J. Gutiérrez. 2009.
Modeling species occurrence dynamics with multiple states and imperfect detection.
Ecology 90:823–835.
Ecological Archives E090-056.

McGlinn, Daniel J., and Michael W. Palmer. 2009.
Modeling the sampling effect in the species–time–area relationship.
Ecology 90:836–846.
Ecological Archives E090-057.

Etienne, Rampal S. 2009.
Improved estimation of neutral model parameters for multiple samples with different degrees of dispersal limitation.
Ecology 90:847–852.
Ecological Archives E090-058.

Schmid, Bernhard, Andrea B. Pfisterer, and Patricia Balvanera. 2009.
Effects of biodiversity on ecosystem community, and population variables reported 1974–2004.
Ecology 90:853.
Ecological Archives E090-059.

Cardinale, Bradley J., Diane S. Srivastava, J. Emmett Duffy, Justin P. Wright, Amy L. Downing, Mahesh Sankaran, Claire Jouseau, Marc W. Cadotte, Ian T. Carroll, Jerome J. Weis, Andy Hector, and Michel Loreau. 2009.
Effects of biodiversity on the functioning of ecosystems: A summary of 164 experimental manipulations of species richness.
Ecology 90:854.
Ecological Archives E090-060.

Long, Jeremy D., Geoffrey C. Trussell, and Ted Elliman. 2009.
Linking invasions and island biogeography: Isolation differentially affects exotic and native plant diversity.
Ecology 90:863–868.
Ecological Archives E090-061.

Newsome, Seth D., M. Tim Tinker, Daniel H. Monson, Olav T. Oftedal, Katherine Ralls, Michelle M. Staedler, Marilyn L. Fogel, and James A. Estes. 2009.
Using stable isotopes to investigate individual diet specialization in California sea otters (Enhydra lutris nereis).
Ecology 90:961–974.
Ecological Archives E090-062.

Rotella, Jay J., William A. Link, James D. Nichols, Gillian L. Hadley, Robert A. Garrott, and Kelly M. Proffitt. 2009.
Evaluation of density-dependent and density–independent influences on population growth rates in Weddell seals.
Ecology 90:975–984.
Ecological Archives E090-063.

Papastamatiou, Yannis P., Christopher G. Lowe, Jennifer E. Caselle, and Alan M. Friedlander. 2009.
Scale-dependent effects of habitat on movements and path structure of reef sharks at a predator-dominated atoll.
Ecology 90:996–1008.
Ecological Archives E090-064.

Samhouri, Jameal F., Mark A. Steele, and Graham E. Forrester. 2009.
Inter-cohort competition drives density dependence and selective mortality in a marine fish.
Ecology 90:1009–1020.
Ecological Archives E090-065.

Cordeiro, Norbert J., Henry J. Ndangalasi, Jay P. McEntee, and Henry F. Howe. 2009.
Dispersal limitation and recruitment of an endemic African tree in a fragmented landscape.
Ecology 90:1030–1041.
Ecological Archives E090-066.

Dynesius, Mats, Kristoffer Hylander, and Christer Nilsson. 2009.
High resilience of bryophyte assemblages in streamside compared to upland forests.
Ecology 90:1042–1054.
Ecological Archives E090-067.

Seifert, Elizabeth K., James D. Bever, and John L. Maron. 2009.
Evidence for the evolution of reduced mycorrhizal dependence during plant invasion.
Ecology 90:1055–1062.
Ecological Archives E090-068.

Brandt, Angela J., Eric W. Seabloom, and Parviez R. Hosseini. 2009.
Phylogeny and provenance affect plant–soil feedbacks in invaded California grasslands.
Ecology 90:1063–1072.
Ecological Archives E090-069.

Srivastava, Diane S., Bradley J. Cardinale, Amy L. Downing, J. Emmett Duffy, Claire Jouseau, Mahesh Sankaran, and Justin P. Wright. 2009.
Diversity has stronger top-down than bottom-up effects on decomposition.
Ecology 90:1073–1083.
Ecological Archives E090-070.

Drever, Mark C., Jacob R. Goheen, and Kathy Martin. 2009.
Species–energy theory, pulsed resources, and regulation of avian richness during a mountain pine beetle outbreak.
Ecology 90:1095–1105.
Ecological Archives E090-071.

Lynch, Heather J., and William F. Fagan. 2009.
Survivorship curves and their impact on the estimation of maximum population growth rates.
Ecology 90:1116–1124.
Ecological Archives E090-072.

Chao, Anne, Robert K. Colwell, Chih-Wei Lin, and Nicholas J. Gotelli. 2009.
Sufficient sampling for asymptotic minimum species richness estimators.
Ecology 90:1125–1133.
Ecological Archives E090-073.

Belmaker, Jonathan, Eran Brokovich, Victor China, Daniel Golani, and Moshe Kiflawi. 2009.
Estimating the rate of biological intorductions: Lessepsian fishes in the Mediterranean.
Ecology 90:1134–1141.
Ecological Archives E090-074.

Temeles, Ethan J., Carolyn R. Koulouris, Sarah E. Sander, and W. John Kress. 2009.
Effect of flower shape and size on foraging performance and trade-offs in a tropical hummingbird.
Ecology 90:1147–1161.
Ecological Archives E090-075.

LeBrun, E. G., R. M. Plowes, and L. E. Gilbert. 2009.
Indirect competition facilitates widespread displacement of one naturalized parasitoid of imported fire ants by another.
Ecology 90:1184–1194.
Ecological Archives E090-076.

Harrington, Lauren A., Andrew L. Harrington, Nobuyuki Yamaguchi, Michael D. Thom, Pablo Ferreras, Thomas R. Windham, and David W. Macdonald. 2009.
The impact of native competitors on an alien invasive: temporal niche shifts to avoid interspecific aggression?
Ecology 90:1207–1216.
Ecological Archives E090-077.

Kishida, Osamu, Geoffrey C. Trussell, and Kinya Nishimura. 2009.
Top-down effects on antagonistic inducible defense and offense.
Ecology 90:1217–1226.
Ecological Archives E090-078.

Cardinale, Bradley J., Danuta M. Bennett, Craig E. Nelson, and Kevin Gross. 2009.
Does productiviy drive diversity or vice versa? A test of the multivariate productivity–diversity hypothesis in streams.
Ecology 90:1227–1241.
Ecological Archives E090-079.

Burrows, Michael T., Robin Harvey, Linda Robb, Elvira S. Poloczanska, Nova Mieszkowska, Pippa Moore, Rebecca Leaper, Stephen J. Hawkins, and Lisandro Benedetti-Cecchi. 2009.
Spatial scales of variance in abundance of intertidal species: effects of region, dispersal mode, and trophic level.
Ecology 90:1242–1254.
Ecological Archives E090-080.

Shima, Jeffrey S., and Stephen E. Swearer. 2009.
Larval quality is shaped by matrix effects: implications for connectivity in a marine metapopulation.
Ecology 90:1255–1267.
Ecological Archives E090-081.

Abbott, Karen C., Jörgen Ripa, and Anthony R. Ives. 2009.
Environmental variation in ecological communities and inferences from single-species data.
Ecology 90:1268–1278.
Ecological Archives E090-082.

Kéry, Marc, J. Andrew Royle, Matthias Plattner, and Robert M. Dorazio. 2009.
Species richness and occupancy estimation in communities subject to temporary emigration.
Ecology 90:1279–1290.
Ecological Archives E090-083.

Rivadeneira, Marcelo M., Gene Hunt, and Kaustuv Roy. 2009.
The use of sighting records to infer species extinctions: an evaluation of different methods.
Ecology 90:1291–1300.
Ecological Archives E090-084.

Morin, Xavier, and Wilfried Thuiller. 2009.
Comparing niche- and process-based models to reduce prediction uncertainty in species range shifts under climate change.
Ecology 90:1301–1313.
Ecological Archives E090-085.

Bruelheide, Helge, and Ute Luginbühl. 2009.
Peeking at ecosystem stability: making use of a natural disturbance experiment to analyze resistance and resilience.
Ecology 90:1314–1325.
Ecological Archives E090-086.

Hoffmann, William A., Ryan Adasme, M. Haridasan, Marina T. de Carvalho, Erika L. Geiger, Mireia A. B. Pereira, Sybil G. Gotsch, and Augusto C. Franco. 2009.
Tree topkill, not mortality, governs the dynamics of savanna–forest boundaries under frequent fire in central Brazil.
Ecology 90:1326–1337.
Ecological Archives E090-087.

Dewhirst, Sebastian, and Frithjof Lutscher. 2009.
Dispersal in heterogeneous habitats: thresholds, spatial scales, and approximate rates of spread.
Ecology 90:1338–1345.
Ecological Archives E090-088.

Treier, Urs A., Olivier Broennimann, Signe Normand, Antoine Guisan, Urs Schaffner, Thomas Steinger, and Heinz Müller-Schärer. 2009.
Shift in cytotype frequency and niche space in the invasive plant Centaurea maculosa.
Ecology 90:1366–1377.
Ecological Archives E090-089.

Bunn, Rebecca, Ylva Lekberg, and Catherine Zabinski. 2009.
Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi ameliorate temperature stress in thermophilic plants.
Ecology 90:1378–1388.
Ecological Archives E090-090.

von Felten, Stefanie, Andrew Hector, Nina Buchmann, Pascal A. Niklaus, Bernhard Schmid, Michael Scherer-Lorenzen. 2009.
Belowground nitrogen partitioning in experimental grassland plant communities of varying species richness.
Ecology 90:1389–1399.
Ecological Archives E090-091.

McArt, Scott H., Donald E. Spalinger, William B. Collins, Erik R. Schoen, Timothy Stevenson, and Michele Bucho. 2009.
Summer dietary nitrogen availability as a potential bottom-up constraint on moose in south-central Alaska.
Ecology 90:1400–1411.
Ecological Archives E090-092.

Hughes, A. Randall, and John J. Stachowicz. 2009.
Ecological impacts of genotypic diversity in the clonal seagrass Zostera marina.
Ecology 90:1412–1419.
Ecological Archives E090-093.

Paula, S., M. Arianoutsou, D. Kazanis, Ç. Tavsanoglu, F. Lloret, C. Buhk, F. Ojeda, B. Luna, J. M. Moreno, A. Rodrigo, J. M. Espelta, S. Palacio, B. Fernández-Santos, P. M. Fernandes, and J. G. Pausas. 2009.
Fire-related traits for plant species of the Mediterranean Basin.
Ecology 90:1420.
Ecological Archives E090-094.

Duffy, Meghan A., Spencer R. Hall, Carla E. Cáceres, and Anthony R. Ives. 2009.
Rapid evolution, seasonality, and the termination of parasite epidemics.
Ecology 90:1441–1448.
Ecological Archives E090-095.

Holbrook, K. M., and B. A. Loiselle. 2009.
Dispersal in a Neotropical tree, Virola flexuosa (Myristicaceae): Does hunting of large vertebrates limit seed removal?
Ecology 90:1449–1455.
Ecological Archives E090-096.

Lowe, Winsor H. 2009.
What drives long-distance dispersal? A test of theoretical predictions.
Ecology 90:1456–1462.
Ecological Archives E090-097.

McCluney, Kevin E., and John L. Sabo. 2009.
Water availability directly determines per capita consumption at two trophic levels.
Ecology 90:1463–1469.
Ecological Archives E090-098.

Carolin Banašek-Richter, Louis-Félix Bersier, Marie-France Cattin, Richard Baltensperger, Jean-Pierre Gabriel, Yves Merz, Robert E. Ulanowicz, Annette F. Tavares, D. Dudley Williams, Peter C. De Ruiter, Kirk O. Winemiller, and Russell E. Naisbit. 2009.
Complexity in quantitative food webs.
Ecology 90:1470–1477.
Ecological Archives E090-099.

Bruno, John F., Hugh Sweatman, William F. Precht, Elizabeth R. Selig, and Virginia G. W. Schutte. 2009.
Assessing evidence of phase shifts from coral to macroalgal dominance on coral reefs.
Ecology 90:1478–1484.
Ecological Archives E090-100.

Hart, Simon P., and Dustin J. Marshall. 2009.
Spatial arrangement affects population dynamics and competition independent of community composition.
Ecology 90:1485–1491.
Ecological Archives E090-101.

Elmendorf, Sarah C., and Susan P. Harrison. 2009.
Temporal variability and nestedness in California grassland species composition.
Ecology 90:1492–1497.
Ecological Archives E090-102.

Bessler, Holger, Vicky M. Temperton, Christiane Roscher, Nina Buchmann, Bernhard Schmid, Ernst-Detlef Schulze, Wolfgang W. Weisser, and Christof Engels. 2009.
Aboveground overyielding in grassland mixtures is associated with reduced biomass partitioning to belowground organs.
Ecology 90:1520–1530.
Ecological Archives E090-103.

Rudgers, Jennifer A., Michelle E. Afkhami, Megan A. Rúa, Andrew J. Davitt, Samantha Hammer, and Valérie M. Huguet. 2009.
A fungus among us: broad patterns of endophyte distribution in the grasses.
Ecology 90:1531–1539.
Ecological Archives E090-104.

Eckert, Christopher G., Barbara Ozimec, Christopher R. Herlihy, Celine A. Griffin, and Matthew B. Routley. 2009.
Floral morphology mediates temporal variation in the mating system of a self-compatible plant.
Ecology 90:1540–1548.
Ecological Archives E090-105.

Klinger, Rob, and Marcel Rejmanèk. 2009.
The numerical and functional responses of a granivorous rodent and the fate of Neotropical tree seeds.
Ecology 90:1549–1563.
Ecological Archives E090-106.

Schaefer, H. Martin, and Julius Braun. 2009.
Reliable cues and signals of fruit quality are contingent on the habitat in black elder (Sambucus nigra).
Ecology 90:1564–1573.
Ecological Archives E090-107.

Kanda, L. Leann, Todd K. Fuller, Paul R. Sievert, and Robert L. Kellogg. 2009.
Seasonal source–sink dynamics at the edge of a species' range.
Ecology 90:1574–1585.
Ecological Archives E090-108.

Champlin, Tracey B., John C. Kilgo, and Christopher E. Moorman. 2009.
Food abundance does not determine bird use of early-successional habitat.
Ecology 90:1586–1594.
Ecological Archives E090-109.

Frederickson, Megan E., and Deborah M. Gordon. 2009.
The intertwined population biology of two Amazonian myrmecophytes and their symbiotic ants.
Ecology 90:1595–1607.
Ecological Archives E090-110.

Hodgson, Jenny A., Atte Moilanen, and Chris D. Thomas. 2009.
Metapopulation responses to patch connectivity and habitat quality are masked by successional habitat dynamics.
Ecology 90:1608–1619.
Ecological Archives E090-111.

Frost, Paul C., Lauren E. Kinsman, Carol A. Johnston, and James H. Larson. 2009.
Watershed discharge modulates relationships between landscape components and nutrient ratios in stream seston.
Ecology 90:1631–1640.
Ecological Archives E090-112.

Bourdeau, Paul E. 2009.
Prioritized phenotypic responses to combined predators in a marine snail.
Ecology 90:1659–1669.
Ecological Archives E090-113.

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