Ecological Archives E088-063-A4

William F. Morris, Ruth A. Hufbauer, Anurag A. Agrawal, James D. Bever, Victoria A. Borowicz, Gregory S. Gilbert, John L. Maron, Charles E. Mitchell, Ingrid M. Parker, Alison G. Power, Mark E. Torchin, and Diego P. Vázquez. 2007. Direct and interactive effects of enemies and mutualists on plant performance: a meta-analysis. Ecology 88:1021–1029.

Appendix D. Effect sizes using different measures of plant performance.

   FIG. D1. This figure compares various effect sizes (means ± 95% confidence limits) for studies that used size-based measures of plant performance (e.g., biomass, height, leaf area) (S) vs. those that used measures of reproductive output (e.g., seed number, fruit production, seedling recruitment) (R).Two studies that measured survival and one that measured population growth rate are excluded. For most effects, choice of performance measure does not significantly alter the conclusions about magnitude and direction of the effect. Number of studies are indicate at the top.

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