Ecological Archives E087-028-A3

Denis Vile, Bill Shipley, and Eric Garnier. 2006. A structural equation model to integrate changes in functional strategies during old-field succession. Ecology 87:504–517.

Appendix C. Scatterplots (below diagonal) and coefficients of correlation (above diagonal) between the traits under study for 34 species characteristic of early (3 yr, ), intermediate (10 yr, ) and advanced (25 yr, ) successional herbaceous stages. Vm1 = vegetative mass, Stm = stem mass at first seed dispersal, Lm = leaf mass at first seed dispersal, Rm = reproductive mass at first seed dispersal, H = maximum height, SLA = specific leaf area, Sn = number of seeds produced per individual per year, Sm = mean individual seed mass, Flowdate = flowering date of ~50% of plants in the population, Smatdate = date of seed maturation of ~50% of plants in the population. Transformation: Lg = logarithmic, Sqrt = square root. ***: P < 0.001; **: P < 0.01; *: P < 0.05; n.s. : not significant.

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