Ecological Archives E087-023-A6

Lisa A. Levin, Carlos Neira, and Edwin D. Grosholz. 2006. Invasive cordgrass modifies wetland trophic function. Ecology 87:419–432.

Appendix F. Average 15N signatures of macrofauna exposed to 15N-labeled Spartina detritus on the surface vs. subsurface in litter bags. (A) 17-d exposure, hybrid-invaded; (B) 17-d exposure, Tidal flat; (C) 74-d exposure, hybrid-invaded; (D) 74-d exposure, Tidal flat. Paired t tests using species as replicates were carried out to evaluate the difference between surface and subsurface signatures. All were nonsignificant: (A) P = 0.629, (B) P = 0.281, (C) P = 0.612, (D) P = 0.759.

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