Ecological Archives E087-016-A1

Gary G. Mittelbach, Erica A. Garcia, and Yoshinori Taniguchi. 2006. Fish reintroductions reveal smooth transitions between lake community states. Ecology 87:312–318.

Appendix A. Additional details on the methods used for processing zooplankton samples.

Zooplankton samples were counted and measured under a dissecting scope as described in Mittelbach et al. (1995). Two (or more) aliquots were taken from each of the three replicate samples collected on a sampling date and all zooplankton in an aliquot were counted (typically between 50 and 200 individuals were counted for each species in each aliquot). Counts were converted to numbers per liter, assuming a net efficiency of 100%. For each sampling date, at least 50 randomly chosen individuals of each cladoceran species were measured for total body length (exclusive of tail spines). Data from the three replicate samples collected on each date were pooled for final analyses.


Mittelbach, G. G., A. M. Turner, D. J. Hall, J. E. Rettig, and C. W. Osenberg. 1995. Perturbation and resilience: a long-term, whole-lake study of predator extinction and reintroduction. Ecology 76:2347-2360.

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