Ecological Archives E086-181-A2

Ingrid Quintero and Tomas Roslin. 2005. Rapid recovery of dung beetle communities following habitat fragmentation in Central Amazonia. Ecology 86:3303–3311.

Appendix B. Figures showing dominance–diversity curves for 1986 and 2000.

Dominance–diversity curves for 1986 and 2000. Shown are total numbers of beetles captured in an open clear-cut (CLEARCUT), in clear-cuts invaded by secondary vegetation in (SEC.GROWTH.; year 2000 only), in 1-ha forest fragments (1 ha), in 10-ha forest fragments (10 ha) and in continuous forest areas (CON.FOR.), plotted against species rank. Figure for 1986 is from Klein (1989).



Klein, B. 1989. Effects of forest fragmentation on dung and carrion beetle communities in Central Amazonia. Ecology 70:1715–1725.

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