Ecological Archives E085-044-A6

Jon Loman. 2004. Density regulation in tadpoles of Rana temporaria: a full pond field experiment. Ecology 85:1611–1618.

Appendix F. Figures of tadpole performance (body size(Fig. F1), hind leg length (Fig. F2), metamorph body length (Fig. F3), and time for metamorphosis (Fig. F4).
   FIG. F1. Tadpole body size. The low values (gray bars) are for May size and the higher for June. The left hand bars are for high density sections and the right hand bars are for low density sections. The standard error bars extend to ±1.96 SE, corresponding to a 95% confidence interval of the mean. This means that the error bars are wide for samples with few data points; there were only two tadpoles sampled each period in the low density section of HP25 1996.



   FIG. F2. Tadpole relative hind leg length. The left hand bar in each pair is for the high density section.


   FIG. F3. Metamorph size.

   FIG. F4. Time for metamorphosis.


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