Ecological Archives E085-044-A1

Jon Loman. 2004. Density regulation in tadpoles of Rana temporaria: a full pond field experiment. Ecology 85:1611–1618.

Appendix A. A table of pond characteristics.

Table A1. Pond characteristics. "Clump density" is the average number of spawn clumps deposited per year, divided by pond area. "Years with drying" is the number of study years when at least one of the sections dried completely before the end of the metamorphosis period.

Location Meadow Forest Meadow
Study years 93–98 91–97 91–97
Area 200 300 1800
Spawn clumps/year 99 48 290
Clump density 0.50 0.16 0.16
Years with drying 1 5 2

   Note: Ponds are (AD17) situated in southwestern or central (HP25, HP27) Skåne, the southernmost province of Sweden.

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