Ecological Archives E085-016-A2

Arthur G. Blundell and David R. Peart. 2004. Density-dependent population dynamics of a dominant rain forest canopy tree. Ecology 85:704–715.

Appendix B. A figure showing the spatial pattern of Shorea quadrinervis.

   FIG. B1. Spatial pattern of Shorea quadrinervis (Dipterocarpaceae) adults (15 cm dbh) in the 75-ha study site at Cabang Panti Research Station, Gunung Palung National Park, Kalimantan Barat (Indonesian West Borneo). The site is bounded by elevation (100–350 m above sea level; gray lines represent 25-m contours) and on the east side by a creek (bold lines). The western boundary extends 100 m west from the western spur ridge running parallel to the creek. Dots represent Squadrinervis adults; size is proportional to dbh. Thick circles are 0.5-ha areas (80 m diameter) with HIGH densities of conspecific adults (n = 8). Similarly, thin circles are 0.5-ha areas with LOW densities of conspecific adults (n = 8). Overall, HIGH 0.5-ha areas have 3.4 times the number of conspecific neighbors as LOW areas.

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