Ecological Archives A025-146-A1

Takashi Yamamoto, Yutaka Watanuki, Elliott L Hazen, Bungo Nishizawa, Hiroko Sasaki, and Akinori Takahashi. 2015. Statistical integration of tracking and vessel survey data to incorporate life history differences in habitat models. Ecological Applications 25:23962408.

Appendix A. Environmental variables included in the models.


Fig. A1. Candidate environmental variables relating to shearwater distributions. Bathymetry (DEP), sea surface temperatures (SST) and chlorophyll a concentration (CHL), sea surface height anomalies (SSHA), bottom slope (SLOPE), and distance to the nearest breeding colony (>1000 breeders) for shearwaters of unknown origin (i.e., for the vessel-based model) or to the colony of origin for tracking data (COLONY).

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