Ecological Archives A025-130-A5

Neal M. Williams, Kimiora L. Ward, Nathaniel Pope, Rufus Isaacs, Julianna Wilson, Emily A. May, Jamie Ellis, Jaret Daniels, Akers Pence, Katharina Ullmann, and Jeff Peters. 2015. Native wildflower plantings support wild bee abundance and diversity in agricultural landscapes across the United States. Ecological Applications 25:21192131.

Appendix E. Responses of bumble bees to floral area of bumble bee-visited plants in each study region.


Fig. E1. Partial residuals illustrating the effect of floral area of plants visited by Bombus spp., on year-long abundance of bumble bees in each plot within the different study regions. Partial residuals are the response detrended for effects of floral mix and year, as well as their interaction where a likelihood-ratio test supported its inclusion. Solid lines indicate significant slopes and dashed lines non-significant slopes (α = 0.05, likelihood ratio test). Black dots Year 1, gray dots Year 2.

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