Beth E. Ross, Mevin B. Hooten, Jean-Michel Devink, and David N. Coons. 2015. Combined effects of climate, predation, and density dependence on Greater and Lesser Scaup population dynamics. Ecological Applications 25:16061617.


Annotated INLA code for the model with snow cover extent from 19672010.
Ecological Archives A025-099-S1.


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Beth E. Ross
Department of Wildland Resources
Utah State University
Logan, UT USA

Mevin B. Hooten
U.S. Geological Survey
Colorado Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Department of Statistics
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Jean-Michel DeVink
Stantec Consulting, Inc.
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

David N. Koons
Department of Wildland Resources and the Ecology Center
Utah State University
Logan, UT USA

File list

INLA_code.R (MD5: 68c372169a851d7616d30172ce203f50)

ss_model_inla.csv (MD5: 3b3bf472211df425134b22e33dbac549)


INLA_code.R is an R script file to analyze scaup pair abundance using a Gompertz state-space model containing a covariate for snow cover extent. This script assumes that the INLA package has been downloaded from The data set (ss_model_inla.csv) should be in the working directory when running this code.

ss_model_inla.csv is a comma-separated text file containing the scaup dataset. Column definitions are:

  1. y: counts from each stratum in each year from BPOP aerial survey
  2. stratum: each stratum number, adjusted for analysis in INLA, where ‘1’ = Stratum 13 as defined by the BPOP survey, ‘2’ = Stratum 14, ‘3’ = Stratum 15, ‘4’ = Stratum 16, ‘5’ = Stratum 17, and ‘6’ = Stratum 18
  3. year: year since beginning of survey (1955)
  4. stand.snow: standardized covariate for snow cover extent
  5. N: number of segments flown in each stratum each year