Ecological Archives A025-089-A1

Steve J. Sinclair, Peter Griffioen, David H. Duncan, Jessica E. Millett-Riley, and Matthew D. White. 2015. Quantifying ecosystem quality by modeling multi-attribute expert opinion. Ecological Applications 25:14631477.

Appendix A. Instructional material supplied to experts.

Written instructions to expert participants

1. Rank the 15 imaginary sites from best to worst by arranging the cards in order. Tied ranks are permitted for sites of equivalent value.

2. Assign a “value” to the sites in the following format:

3. If you can imagine sites better or worse than the range of cards in your set, such that none of the cards warrant a score 0 and/or 100, ask for a blank card and create your own sites to provide a score of 0 and/or 100.

Notes on the conception of ‘Value’

Consider the value of the grassland in any / all of the following terms:

Please try NOT to introduce the following considerations. We acknowledge they are important, but they will not be dealt with in this exercise:

Notes on the description of sites:

Example of cards format

Random site number


Themeda basal area / tiller cover


Other native grass cover


Native herb cover


Native herb diversity


Exotic perennial cover


Exotic annual cover


Rock cover

as natural

Bare ground


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