Ecological Archives A025-088-A6

Chi Xu, Milena Holmgren, Egbert H. Van Nes, Fernando T. Maestre, Santiago Soliveres, Miguel Berdugo, Sonia Kfi, Pablo A. Marquet, Sebastian Abades, and Marten Scheffer. 2015. Can we infer plant facilitation from remote sensing? A test across global drylands. Ecological Applications 25:14561462.

Appendix F. Supplementary result on relationships between remotely-sensed indicator and plant positive co-occurrence measured in situ.


Fig. F1. Relationships between plant positive co-occurrence measured in situ and the skewness indicator derived from remote sensing and the null model for the grasslands, shrublands and open woodlands studied. Results are shown with (right column) or without (left column) corrected for plant cover.

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