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Nicolas Bircher, Maxime Cailleret, and Harald Bugmann. 2015. The agony of choice: different empirical mortality models lead to sharply different future forest dynamics. Ecological Applications 25:13031318.

Appendix C. Variance decomposition analysis for the variables of the TRM function.

Table C1. Variance decomposition analysis for the TRM function. The proportions (%) of variance explained by the variables of the TRM function are listed for the data set used by Bigler and Bugmann (2004) at Davos (observed) and for simulation results by the ForClim version TRM_randNr (simulated) for the three climate scenarios at Scatlè.



simulated (current climate)

simulated (RCP3PD)

simulated   (A1B)


66.3 (%)

93.0 (%)

93.4 (%)

94.5 (%)


22.9 (%)

6.7 (%)

6.4 (%)

5.1 (%)


10.8 (%)

0.3 (%)

0.2 (%)

0.4 (%)


Literature cited

Bigler, C., and H. Bugmann. 2004. Predicting the time of tree death using dendrochronological data. Ecological Applications 14:902–914.

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