Kevin E. See and Elizabeth E. Holmes. 2015. Reducing bias and improving precision in species extinction forecasts. Ecological Applications 25:11571165.


R code for simulation implementation and parameter estimation.
Ecological Archives A025-069-S1.


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Kevin E. See
Quantitative Consultants, Inc.
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Elizabeth E. Holmes
Conservation Biology
Northwest Fisheries Science Center
National Marine Fisheries Service
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EstimationComparison.R (MD5: 5055e25ebc61fe8dbf012b48198eadda)

Simulations.R (MD5: 56eef6b34cb59a85d5072b0b20e645ec)

CreateFigures.R (MD5: 2c19a14d1ac5887ba544c2937d8639ca)


EstimationComparison.R - This code was used to simulate time-series of length 30 time-step and either 1, 2, or 3 replicated observations at each time-step. Parameters were then estimated using three different methodologies: restricted maximum likelihood (REML) based on first differences, REML based on second differences and maximum likelihood using the Kalman filter, as implemented in the MARSS R package.

Simulations.R - This code was used to simulate time-series of varying length, with varying numbers of replicated observations, under two different rates of decline and several different process and non-process error variances. Estimates of trend, process and non-process error variances were then made with the MARSS R package.

CreateFigures.R - This code was used to create the figures that appear in the manuscript and appendices.