Ecological Archives A025-050-A2

Robert T. Fahey, Alexander T. Fotis, and Kerry D. Woods. 2015. Quantifying canopy complexity and effects on productivity and resilience in late-successional hemlock–hardwood forests. Ecological Applications 25:834–847.

Appendix B. Solutions for PCA ordination of soil characteristics in permanent plots at Dukes RNA and Huron Mountains.


Fig. B1. PCA ordination solution for soil variables at Huron site. Axis 1 (eigenvalue 5.11 and p = 0.001 based on randomization tests) was included as a predictor in multiple regression modeling.



Fig. B2. PCA ordination solution for soil variables at Dukes site. Axis 1 (eigenvalue 4.44) and 2 (eigenvalue 2.89) were both included as predictors in multiple regression modeling. (p = 0.001 for both axes based on randomization tests).

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