Ecological Archives A025-035-A7

Heidi Liere, Tania N. Kim, Benjamin P. Werling, Timothy D. Meehan, Douglas A. Landis, and Claudio Gratton. 2015. Trophic cascades in agricultural landscapes: indirect effects of landscape composition on crop yield. Ecological Applications 25:652661.

Appendix G. Figure showing the nonlinear relationship between habitat diversity and proportion soybean in the landscape.


Fig. G1. Nonlinear relationship between habitat diversity (1 - Simpson's diversity, D) and proportion soybean in the landscape. Soybean fields were surveyed in 2011 (gray) and 2012 (black). y = -1.5969x² + 0.7458x + 0.6998; P linear = 0.83, P polynomial = 0.01, Fmodel = 3.03, df = 2,56; P = 0.05.

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