Ecological Archives A025-017-A5

K. M. Giljohann, M. A. McCarthy, L. T. Kelly, and T. J. Regan. 2015. Choice of biodiversity index drives optimal fire management decisions. Ecological Applications 25:264277.

Appendix E. Relative performance of the objective functions, through time, when adhering to the optimal strategy for each of the alternate objective functions. Data is for all 22 species combined.


Fig. E1. Optimal management strategy and expected value of the reserve when constraining the solution to achieve the 3% annual fuel reduction target for all 22 species and the extinction risk (ER) objective over a 100-year period. The optimal strategy for each state of the reserve is denoted by a letter: L burn 20% late; l burn 10% late; M burn 20% intermediate; m burn 10% intermediate; i take no action; fight all wildfires has no letter.

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