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Elizabeth A. Law, Brett A. Bryan, Erik Meijaard, Thilak Mallawaarachchi, Matthew Struebig, and Kerrie A. Wilson. 2015. Ecosystem services from a degraded peatland of Central Kalimantan: implications for policy, planning, and management. Ecological Applications 25:7087.

Appendix C. Additional methods for assessing timber value.

Harvest cycles are based on an estimate of the time required for a seedling to grow into a merchantable tree with diameter at breast height (DBH) of 50–60 cm (Kumari 1995). Transport costs were not included in timber value, as logs are generally transported to mills in a raw state. Road transport was calculated as the Euclidian distance to one of the two existing mills (Mentangai, Manusup; Fig. 1) overland at a cost of $0.75 per m3·km-1. River transport was calculated as the Euclidian distance to the nearest canal or river at the same overland rate, with river transport at a cost of $0.1 per m3·km-1. A floor cost of $5 per m3 was also applied. This resulted in transport costs ranging from $5 - $28 per m3. We assumed constant costs and prices in real terms over time. Values were calculated on a 50 × 50 m grid aligned with the current land cover.

Literature Cited

Kumari, K. 1995. An environmental and economic assessment of forest management options: A case study in Malaysia. Environmental Department, The World Bank, Washington DC.

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