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Anna M. Schotthoefer, Jason R. Rohr, Rebecca A. Cole, Anson V. Koehler, Catherine M. Johnson, Lucinda B. Johnson, and Val R. Beasley. 2011. Effects of wetland vs. landscape variables on parasite communities of Rana pipiens: links to anthropogenic factors. Ecological Applications 21:1257–1271.

Appendix B (TABLE B1). Land cover classifications used in quantifying landscape structure at the 1 km and 10 km spatial extents examined, as they corresponded to the 1990s National Land Cover data (NLCD) classes.

NLCD classes * NLCD reclassified
in current study  
Acronym used
in current study
Open water Open water OW
Low intensity residential Low intensity residential RLD
High intensity residential High intensity urban HURB
Commercial, Industrial,
& Transportation
High intensity urban or
Low intensity residential
Bare & Transitional Miscellaneous MISC
Quarries, Strip Mines,
& Gravel Pits
Miscellaneous MISC
Bare Rock & Sand Miscellaneous MISC
Deciduous forest Forest FOR
Evergreen forest Forest FOR
Mixed forest Forest FOR
Mixed forest Forest FOR
Shrubland Shrubland SHRUB
Grasslands & Herbaceous Grasslands GRAS
Pasture & Hay Grasslands GRAS
Pasture & Hay Grasslands GRAS
Urban & Recreational grasses Low intensity residential RLD
Orchard, Vineyards, & Other Agriculture AG
Row crops Agriculture AG
Small grains Agriculture AG
Row crops Agriculture AG
Woody wetlands Woody wetlands WW
Emergent herbaceous wetlands Palustrine-emergent wetland PEW

* Classification system defined by Vogelmann (2001).


Vogelmann, J. E., S. M. Howard, L. Yang, C. R. Larson, B. K. Wylie, and N. Van Driel. 2001. Completion of the 1990s National Land Cover dataset for the conterminous United States from Landsat Thematic Mapper data and ancillary data sources. Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing 67:650–684.

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