Ecological Archives A021-058-A1

Anna M. Schotthoefer, Jason R. Rohr, Rebecca A. Cole, Anson V. Koehler, Catherine M. Johnson, Lucinda B. Johnson, and Val R. Beasley. 2011. Effects of wetland vs. landscape variables on parasite communities of Rana pipiens: links to anthropogenic factors. Ecological Applications 21:1257–1271.

Appendix A (FIG. A1). Locations of wetland study sites included in the analysis. Points represent the locations of individual wetlands and gray areas are 10-km buffers constructed around each wetland. USGS Ecoregion boundaries, with the Eastern Broadleaf Forest Province displayed in gray, are included. Minneapolis-St. Paul and St. Cloud are indicated by the stars, and the main branch of the Mississippi River is shown as a bold line.

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