Ecological Archives A016-011-A4

Peter B. Pearman, Mike R. Penskar, Edward H. Schools, and Helen D. Endander. 2006. Identifying potential indicators of conservation value using Natural Heritage occurrence data. Ecological Applications 16:186–201.

Appendix D. A map of Michigan’s unchanged land cover ca. 1980 (Comer et al. 1995) .


Comer, P. J., D. A. Albert, H. A. Wells, B. L. Hart, J. B. Raab, D. L. Price, D. M. Kashian, R. A. Corner, and D. W. Schuen. 1995. Michigan's Native Landscape as Interpreted from the General Land Office Surveys 1816–1856. Report 1995-07.  Michigan Natural Features Inventory, Lansing, Michigan, USA.

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