Ecological Archives A016-011-A3

Peter B. Pearman, Mike R. Penskar, Edward H. Schools, and Helen D. Endander. 2006. Identifying potential indicators of conservation value using Natural Heritage occurrence data. Ecological Applications 16:186–201.

Appendix C. A map of Michigan’s land cover ca. 1800 (Comer et al. 1995).


Comer, P. J., D. A. Albert, H. A. Wells, B. L. Hart, J. B. Raab, D. L. Price, D. M. Kashian, R. A. Corner, and D. W. Schuen. 1995. Michigan's Native Landscape as Interpreted from the General Land Office Surveys 1816–1856. Report 1995-07.  Michigan Natural Features Inventory, Lansing, Michigan, USA.

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