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Karen Beazley, Lara Smandych, Tamaini Snaith, Frances MacKinnon, Peter Austen-Smith, Jr., and Peter Duinker. 2005. Biodiversity considerations in conservation system planning: map-based approach for Nova Scotia, Canada. Ecological Applications 15:2192–2208.

Appendix E. HSI equations (Snaith et al. 2004). HSI1 is the original HSI Model II equation (Allen et al. 1987). Snaith et al. (2004) modified HSI2 and HSI3 to explore the assumption that aquatic resources may not be a critical habitat component (Telfer 1984). To model the known importance of the proximity of food and cover, Snaith et al. modified SI1 (SI1m) to include only forage areas located within 200 m of cover; HSI4, HSI5 and HSI6 substitute SI1m for SI1 into HSI1, HSI2 and HSI3, respectively (2004). (SI1 = forage, SI2 = softwood cover, SI3 = mixedwood cover, SI 4 = wetlands, and SI1m = forage areas located within 200 m of cover) .





HSI1 = (SI1 SI2 SI3 SI4)1/4

original equation following Allen et al. (1987)


HSI2 = (SI1 SI2 SI3)1/3

wetlands removed


HSI3 = [SI1 (SI22) (SI32)]1/5

wetlands removed and cover weighted more heavily


HSI4 = (SI1m SI2 SI3 SI4)1/4

same as HSI1 but using SI1m only includes forage near cover


HSI5 = (SI1m SI2 SI3 )1/3

same as HSI2 but using SI1m only includes forage near cover


HSI6 = [SI1m (SI22) (SI32)]1/5


same as HSI3 but using SI1m only includes forage near cover


Allen, A. W., P. A. Jordan, and J. W. Terrell. 1987. Habitat suitability index models: moose, Lake Superior region. U. S. Department of Interior Biological Report 82:1–47.

Snaith, T. V., K. F. Beazley, F. MacKinnon, and P. N. Duinker. 2004. Preliminary habitat suitability analysis for moose in mainland Nova Scotia, Canada. Alces 38:73–88.

Telfer, E. S. 1984. Circumpolar distribution and habitat requirements of moose (Alces alces). Pages 145–182 in R. Olson, R. Hastings, and F. Geddes, editors. Northern ecology and resource management. University of Alberta Press, AB, Canada.

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