Ecological Archives A013-019-A6

Donald Ludwig, Steve Carpenter, and W. Brock. 2003. Optimal phosphorus loading for a potentially eutrophic lake. Ecological Applications 13:1135–1152.

Appendix F. A figure showing trajectories that correspond to Appendix E (and related to Fig. 10).

   FIG. F1. The trajectories correspond to those in the lower left panel of Fig. E1. The dark blue trajectory starts in the upper part of the beige area in Fig. E1, and the red trajectory starts in the lower left part of the beige area. The green trajectory starts in the lower right part of the beige region in Fig. E1, and the cyan curve starts in the lower part of the blue region. The time interval used here is too short to show that the cyan trajectory eventually reaches the diamond in the blue region and the other trajectories reach the diamond in the beige area.

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