S. Dray, R. Pélissier, P. Couteron, M.-J. Fortin, P. Legendre, P. R. Peres-Neto, E. Bellier, R. Bivand, F. G. Blanchet, M. De Cáceres, A.-B. Dufour, E. Heegaard, T. Jombart, F. Munoz, J. Oksanen, J. Thioulouse, and H. H. Wagner. 2012. Community ecology in the age of multivariate multiscale spatial analysis. Ecological Monographs 82:257–275. http://dx.doi.org/10.1890/11-1183.1


Appendix A: From spatial weighting matrix (SWM) to Moran's eigenvector maps (MEM).
Ecological Archives M082-011-A1.


Supplement 1: Data and R scripts to reproduce the different analyses of the tropical forest data set.
Ecological Archives M082-011-S1.