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Digital Appendices and Supplements for Ecological Monographs, Volume 80, 2010


Ainley, David, Joellen Russell, Stephanie Jenouvrier, Eric Woehler, Philip O'B. Lyver, William R. Fraser, and Gerald L. Kooyman. 2010.
Antarctic penguin response to habitat change as Earth's troposphere reaches 2°C above preindustrial levels.
Ecological Monographs 80:49–66.
Ecological Archives M080-001.

Grace, James B., T. Michael Anderson, Han Olff, and Samuel M. Scheiner. 2010.
On the specification of structural equation models for ecological systems.
Ecological Monographs 80:67–87.
Ecological Archives M080-002.

Silva, Rogério R., and Carlos Roberto F. Brandão. 2010.
Morphological patterns and community organization in leaf-litter ant assemblages.
Ecological Monographs 80:107–124.
Ecological Archives M080-003.

Yang, Louie H., Kyle Edwards, Jarrett E. Byrnes, Justin L. Bastow, Amber N. Wright, and Kenneth O. Spence. 2010.
A meta-analysis of resource pulse–consumer interactions.
Ecological Monographs 80:125–151.
Ecological Archives M080-004.

Witman, Jon D., Margarita Brandt, and Franz Smith. 2010.
Coupling between subtidal prey and consumers along a mesoscale upwelling gradient in the Galápagos Islands.
Ecological Monographs 80:153–177.
Ecological Archives M080-005.

Higgins, S. N., and M. J. Vander Zanden. 2010.
What a difference a species makes: a meta-analysis of dreissenid mussel impacts on freshwater ecosystems.
Ecological Monographs 80:179–196.
Ecological Archives M080-006.

Heisey, Dennis M., Erik E. Osnas, Paul C. Cross, Damien O. Joly, Julia A. Langenberg, and Michael W. Miller. 2010.
Linking process to pattern: estimating spatiotemporal dynamics of a wildlife epidemic from cross-sectional data.
Ecological Monographs 80:221–240.
Ecological Archives M080-007.

Ogutu, Joseph O., Hans-Peter Piepho, Robin S. Reid, Michael E. Rainy, Russell L. Kruska, Jeffrey S. Worden, Meshack Nyabenge, and N. Thompson Hobbs. 2010.
Large herbivore responses to water and settlements in savannas.
Ecological Monographs 80:241–266.
Ecological Archives M080-008.

Dexter, Kyle G., Terence D. Pennington, and Clifford W. Cunningham. 2010.
Using DNA to assess errors in tropical tree identifications: How often are ecologists wrong and when does it matter?
Ecological Monographs 80:267–286.
Ecological Archives M080-009.

Campbell, Steven P., Jack W. Witham, and Malcolm L. Hunter, Jr. 2010.
Stochasticity as an alternative to deterministic explanations for patterns of habitat use in birds.
Ecological Monographs 80:287–302.
Ecological Archives M080-010.

Yano, Yuriko, Gaius R. Shaver, Anne E. Giblin, Edward B. Rastetter, and Knute J. Nadelhoffer. 2010.
Nitrogen dynamics in a small arctic watershed: retention and downhill movement of 15N.
Ecological Monographs 80:331–351.
Ecological Archives M080-011.

Brock, W. A., and S. R. Carpenter. 2010.
Interacting regime shifts in ecosystems: implication for early warnings.
Ecological Monographs 80:353–367.
Ecological Archives M080-012.

Kraft, Nathan J. B., and David D. Ackerly. 2010.
Functional trait and phylogenetic tests of community assembly across spatial scales in an Amazonian forest.
Ecological Monographs 80:401–422.
Ecological Archives M080-013.

Reeves, Mari K., Peter Jensen, Christine L. Dolph, Marcel Holyoak, and Kimberly A. Trust. 2010.
Multiple stressors and the causes of amphibian abnormalities.
Ecological Monographs 80:423–440.
Ecological Archives M080-014.

Lebrato, Mario, Debora Iglesias-Rodríguez, Richard A. Feely, Dana Greeley, Daniel O. B. Jones, Nadia Suarez-Bosche, Richard S. Lampitt, Joan E. Cartes, Darryl R. H. Green, and Belinda Alker. 2010.
Global contribution of echinoderms to the marine carbon cycle: CaCO3 budget and benthic compartments.
Ecological Monographs 80:441–467.
Ecological Archives M080-015.

Schleuter, D., M. Daufresne, F. Massol, and C. Argillier. 2010.
A user’s guide to functional diversity indices.
Ecological Monographs 80:469–484.
Ecological Archives M080-016.

Pavoine, Sandrine, Michel Baguette, and Michael Bonsall. 2010.
Decomposition of trait diversity among the nodes of a phylogenetic tree.
Ecological Monographs 80:485–507.
Ecological Archives M080-017.

Salo, Pälvi, Peter B. Banks, Chris R. Dickman, and Erkki Korpimäki. 2010.
Predator manipulation experiments: impacts on populations of terrestrial vertebrate prey.
Ecological Monographs 80:531–546.
Ecological Archives M080-018.

Currano, Ellen D., Conrad C. Labandeira, and Peter Wilf. 2010.
Fossil insect folivory tracks paleotemperature for six million years.
Ecological Monographs 80:547–567.
Ecological Archives M080-019.

Clark, James S., David Bell, Chengjin Chu, Benoit Courbaud, Michael Dietze, Michelle Hersh, Janneke HilleRisLambers, Inés Ibáñez, Shannon LaDeau, Sean McMahon, Jessica Metcalf, Jacqueline Mohan, Emily Moran, Luke Pangle, Scott Pearson, Carl Salk, Zehao Shen, Denis Valle, and Peter Wyckoff. 2010.
High-dimensional coexistence based on individual variation: a synthesis of evidence.
Ecological Monographs 80:569–608.
Ecological Archives M080-020.

Merritt, David M., Christer Nilsson, and Roland Jansson. 2010.
Consequences of propagule dispersal and river fragmentation for riparian plant community diversity and turnover.
Ecological Monographs 80:609–626.
Ecological Archives M080-021.

Evans, Margaret E. K., Kent E. Holsinger, and Eric S. Menges. 2010.
Fire, vital rates, and population viability: a hierarchical Bayesian analysis of the endangered Florida scrub mint.
Ecological Monographs 80:627–649.
Ecological Archives M080-022.

Kennedy, Christina M., Peter P. Marra, William F. Fagan, and Maile C. Neel. 2010.
Landscape matrix and species traits mediate responses of Neotropical resident birds to forest fragmentation in Jamaica.
Ecological Monographs 80:651–669.
Ecological Archives M080-023.


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