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Digital Appendices and Supplements for Ecological Monographs, Volume 79, 2009


Sven Uthicke, Britta Schaffelke, and Maria Byrne. 2009.
A boom and bust phylum? Ecological and evolutionary consequences of density variations in echinoderms.
Ecological Monographs 79:3–24.
Ecological Archives M079-001.

P. Dee Boersma, Ginger A. Rebstock, Esteban Frere, and Sue E. Moore. 2009.
Following the fish: penguins and productivity in the South Atlantic.
Ecological Monographs 79:59–76.
Ecological Archives M079-002.

Bakker, Victoria J., Daniel F. Doak, Gary W. Roemer, David K. Garcelon, Timothy J. Coonan, Scott A. Morrison, Colleen Lynch, Katherine Ralls, and Rebecca Shaw. 2009.
Incorporating ecological drivers and uncertainty into a demographic population viability analysis for the island fox.
Ecological Monographs 79:77–108.
Ecological Archives M079-003.

Cornwell, William K., and David D. Ackerly. 2009.
Community assembly and shifts in plant trait distributions across an environmental gradient in coastal California.
Ecological Monographs 79:109–126.
Ecological Archives M079-004.

Miller, Tom E. X., Svata M. Louda, Karen A. Rose, and James O. Eckberg. 2009.
Impacts of insect herbivory on cactus population dynamics: experimental demography across an environmental gradient.
Ecological Monographs 79:155–172.
Ecological Archives M079-005.

Jennings, Michael D., Don Faber-Langendoen, Orie L. Loucks, Robert K. Peet, and David Roberts. 2009.
Standards for associations and alliances of the U.S. National Vegetation Classification.
Ecological Monographs 79:173–199.
Ecological Archives M079-006.

Higuera, Philip E., Linda B. Brubaker, Patricia M. Anderson, Feng Sheng Hu, and Thomas A. Brown. 2009.
Vegetation mediated the impacts of postglacial climate change on fire regimes in the south-central Brooks Range, Alaska.
Ecological Monographs 79:201–219.
Ecological Archives M079-007.

Mikola, J., H. Setälä, P. Virkajärvi, K. Saarijärvi, K. Ilmarinen, W. Voigt, and M. Vestberg. 2009.
Defoliation and patchy nutrient return drive grazing effects on plant and soil properties in a dairy cow pasture.
Ecological Monographs 79:221–244.
Ecological Archives M079-008.

Gómez, J. M., F. Perfectti, J. Bosch, and J. P. M. Camacho. 2009.
A geographic selection mosaic in a generalized plant–pollinator–herbivore system.
Ecological Monographs 79:245–263.
Ecological Archives M079-009.

Eschtruth, Anne K., and John J. Battles. 2009.
Assessing the relative importance of disturbance, herbivory, species diversity, and propagule pressure in exotic plant invasion.
Ecological Monographs 79:265–280.
Ecological Archives M079-010.

Buonaccorsi, John P., and John Staudenmayer. 2009.
Statistical methods to correct for observation error in a density-independent population model.
Ecological Monographs 79:299–324.
Ecological Archives M079-011.

Huston, Michael A., and Steve Wolverton. 2009.
The global distribution of net primary production: resolving the paradox.
Ecological Monographs 79:343–377.
Ecological Archives M079-012.

Menge, Bruce A., Francis Chan, Karina J. Nielsen, Emanuele Di Lorenzo, and Jane Lubchenco. 2009.
Climatic variation alters supply-side ecology: impact of climate patterns on phytoplankton and mussel recruitment.
Ecological Monographs 79:379–395.
Ecological Archives M079-013.

Denny, Mark W., Luke J. H. Hunt, Luke P. Miller, and Christopher D. G. Harley. 2009.
On the prediction of extreme ecological events.
Ecological Monographs 79:397–421.
Ecological Archives M079-014.

Uriate, María, Charles D. Canham, Jill Thompson, Jess K. Zimmerman, Lora Murphy, Alberto M. Sabat, Ned Fetcher, and Bruce L. Haines. 2009.
Understanding disturbance and human land use as determinants of tropical forest dynamics: results from a forest simulator.
Ecological Monographs 79:423–443.
Ecological Archives M079-015.

Grant, R. F., L. R. Hutyra, R. C. de Oliveira, J. W. Munger, S. R. Saleska, and S. C. Wofsy. 2009.
Modeling the carbon balance of Amazonian rain forests: resolving ecological controls on net ecosystem productivity.
Ecological Monographs 79:445–463.
Ecological Archives M079-016.

Driscoll, Don A., and David B. Lindenmayer. 2009.
Empirical tests of metacommunity theory using an isolation gradient.
Ecological Monographs 79:485–501.
Ecological Archives M079-017.

McGuire, A. David, Leif G. Anderson, Torben R. Christensen, Scott Dallimore, Laodong Guo, Daniel J. Hayes, Martin Heimann, Thomas D. Lorenson, Robie W. Macdonald, and Nigel Roulet. 2009.
Sensitivity of the carbon cycle in the Arctic to climate change.
Ecological Monographs 79:523–555.
Ecological Archives M079-018.

Virah-Sawmy, Malika, Lindsey Gillson, and Katherine Jane Willis. 2009.
How does spatial heterogeneity influence resilience to climatic changes? Ecological dynamics in southeastern Madagascar.
Ecological Monographs 79:557–574.
Ecological Archives M079-019.

Rees, Mark, and Stephen P. Ellner. 2009.
Integral projection models for populations in temporally varying environments.
Ecological Monographs 79:575–594.
Ecological Archives M079-020.

Wilson, Duncan S., and Douglas A. Maguire. 2009.
Environmental basis of soil–site productivity relationships in ponderosa pine.
Ecological Monographs 79:595–617.
Ecological Archives M079-021.

McCormick, Melissa K., Dennis F. Whigham, John P. O'Neill, Janie J. Becker, Sarah Werner, Hanne N. Rasmussen, Thomas D. Bruns, and D. Lee Taylor. 2009.
Abundance and distribution of Corallorhiza odontorhiza reflects variations in climate and ectomycorrhizae.
Ecological Monographs 79:619–635.
Ecological Archives M079-022.

Parmenter, Robert R., and James A. MacMahon. 2009.
Carrion decomposition and nutrient cycling in a semiarid shrub–steppe ecosystem.
Ecological Monographs 79:637–661.
Ecological Archives M079-023.

Wakefield, Ewan D., Richard A. Phillips, Jason Matthiopoulos, Akira Fukuda, Hiroyoshi Higuchi, Gareth J. Marshall, and Philip N. Trathan. 2009.
Wind field and sex constrain the flight speeds of central-place foraging albatrosses.
Ecological Monographs 79:663–679.
Ecological Archives M079-024.

Van Buskirk, Josh. 2009.
Natural variation in morphology of larval amphibians: Phenotypic plasticity in nature?
Ecological Monographs 79:681–705.
Ecological Archives M079-025.



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