Ecological Archives M077-005-A11

Paul Kardol, Nelleke J. Cornips, Monique M. L. van Kempen, J. M. Bakx-Schotman, and Wim H. van der Putten. 2007. Microbe-mediated plant–soil feedback causes historical contingency effects in plant community assembly. Ecological Monographs 77:147–162.

Appendix K. Ordination diagram (sample plot) of principal components analysis (PCA) on (A) bacterial and (B) fungal denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE) profiles of Poa annua rhizosphere samples.

   FIG. K1. Ordination diagram (sample plot) of PCA on (A) bacterial and (B) fungal DGGE profiles of P. annua rhizosphere samples. Scores are shown for inoculum treatments (origin: clearcircle = A. geniculatus, clearsquare = A. spica-venti, cleardiamond = P. annua, solidcircle = C. canadensis, solidsquare = C. bursa-pastoris, soliddiamond = V. arvensis) and for the sterilized control treatment (star). Each point represents one sample. Eigenvalues along the axes indicate the amount of explained variability in species composition.

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