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Digital Appendices and Supplements for
Ecological Monographs, Volume 74, 2004

Ackerly, David. 2004.
Functional strategies of chaparral shrubs in relation to seasonal water deficit and disturbance.
Ecological Monographs 74:25-44.
Ecological Archives M074-001.

Menges, Eric S., and Pedro F. Quintana-Ascencio. 2004.
Population viability with fire in Eryngium cuneifolium: deciphering a decade of demographic data.
Ecological Monographs 74:79-99.
Ecological Archives M074-002.

Connell, Joseph H., Terence P. Hughes, Carden C. Wallace, Jason E. Tanner, Kyle E. Harms, and Alexander M. Kerr. 2004.
A long-term study of competition and diversity of corals.
Ecological Monographs 74:179-210.
Ecological Archives M074-003.

Cebrian, Just, and Julien Lartigue. 2004.
Patterns of herbivory and decomposition in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.
Ecological Monographs 74:237-259.
Ecological Archives M074-004.

Maron, John L., Montserrat Vilà, Riccardo Bommarco, Sarah Elmendorf, and Paul Beardsley. 2004.
Rapid evolution of an invasive plant.
Ecological Monographs 74:261-280.
Ecological Archives M074-005.

Vázquez, Diego P., and Daniel Simberloff. 2004.
Indirect effects of an introduced ungulate on pollination and plant reproduction.
Ecological Monographs 74:281-307.
Ecological Archives M074-006.

Williams, John W., Bryan N. Shuman, Thompson Webb III, Patrick J. Bartlein, and Phillip L. Leduc. 2004.
Late-Quaternary vegetation dynamics in North America: scaling from taxa to biomes.
Ecological Monographs 74:309-334.
Ecological Archives M074-007.

Boose, Emery R., Mayra I. Serrano, and David R. Foster. 2004.
Landscape and regional impacts of hurricanes in Puerto Rico.
Ecological Monographs 74:335-352.
Ecological Archives M074-008.

Golet, Gregory H., Joel A. Schmutz, David B. Irons, and James A. Estes. 2004.
Determinants of reproductive costs in the long-lived Black-legged Kittiwake: a multiyear experiment.
Ecological Monographs 74:353-372.
Ecological Archives M074-009.

Clark, James S., Shannon LaDeau, and Ines Ibanez. 2004.
Fecundity of trees and the colonization–competition hypothesis.
Ecological Monographs 74:415-442.
Ecological Archives M074-010.

Denny, Mark W., Brian Helmunth, George H. Leonard, Christopher D. G. Harley, Luke J. H. Hunt, and Elizabeth K. Nelson. 2004.
Quantifying scale in ecology: lessons from a wave-swept shore.
Ecological Monographs 74:513-532.
Ecological Archives M074-011.

Grover, James P., and Thomas H. Chrzanowski. 2004.
Limiting resources, disturbance, and diversity in phytoplankton communities.
Ecological Monographs 74:533-551.
Ecological Archives M074-012.

Uriarte, María, Charles D. Canham, Jill Thompson, and Jess K. Zimmerman. 2004.
A neighborhood analysis of tree growth and survival in a hurricane-driven tropical forest.
Ecological Monographs 74:591-614.
Ecological Archives M074-013.

Cavender-Bares, Jeannine, Kaoru Kitajima, and F. A. Bazzaz. 2004.
Multiple trait associations in relation to habitat differentiation among 17 Floridian oak species.
Ecological Monographs 74:635-661.
Ecological Archives M074-014.

Menge, Bruce A., Carol Blanchette, Pete Raimondi, Tess Freidenburg, Steve Gaines, Jane Lubchenco, Dave Lohse, Greg Hudson, Melissa Foley, and Jacque Pamplin. 2004.
Species interaction strength: testing model predictions along an upwelling gradient.
Ecological Monographs 74:663-684.
Ecological Archives M074-015.

Yee, Thomas W. 2004.
A new technique for maximum-likelihood canonical Gaussian ordination.
Ecological Monographs 74:685-701.
Ecological Archives M074-016.

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