Ecological Archives E093-008-A1

Moisés A. Aguilera and Sergio A. Navarrete. 2012. Functional identity and functional structure change through succession in a rocky intertidal marine herbivore assemblage. Ecology 93:75–89.

Appendix A. Experimental designs.

Fig. A1. Experimental design of field experiments utilized to test the effect of herbivores during early and late succession in the mid-intertidal community of Pelancura, central Chile. Rock was scraped clear at the beginning of the early succession experiments and algae allowed to colonize and grow. Adult plants of the corticated alga Mazzaella laminarioides (yellow) were glued to acrylic plates and affixed to the rock surface inside the plots during late succession experiments. Each experimental area hosted a crevice (grey) where animals could find shelter.

Fig. A2. Schematic representation of the experimental design of the laboratory outdoor experiments conducted at the Estación Costera de Investigaciones Marinas (ECIM) at Las Cruces, central Chile. For each algal species, separate experiments were conducted, each one lasting 10–12 days. The number of individuals and the average total biomass (in parenthesis) of the different herbivore species are presented for each treatment.

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