Ecological Archives E087-072-A4

Rasmus Ejrnæs, Hans Henrik Bruun, and Bente J. Graae. 2006. Community assembly in experimental grassland: suitable environment or timely arrival? Ecology 87:1225–1233.

Appendix D. Comparison of microcosm communities with real communities.

   FIG. D1. A combined detrended correspondence analysis of 504 plots from grass field, old field, and grassland habitats of the Danish countryside together with two replicates from each of the 16 treatments of our experiment. Arrival order and nutrient treatment of microcosm plots are indicated in the legend. Correlation between axes scores and averages of Ellenberg-numbers for nutrient status (DCA-1, r2 = -0.89) and pH (DCA-2, r2 = -0.75) was used for the interpretation of the axes.

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