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John T. Lill and Robert J. Marquis. 2003. Ecosystem engineering by caterpillars increases insect herbivore diversity on white oak. Ecology 84:682–690.

Appendix A. Leaf-chewing herbivores recorded in the study.

Herbivore Guild
Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Pachybrachis sp. Beetle
Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Attelabus sp. Beetle
Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Tan chrysomelid beetle Beetle
Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Baliosus sp. Beetle
Coleoptera Curculionidae Cryptepistomus castaneus Beetle
Coleoptera Curculionidae Unknown weevil Beetle
Gastropoda ? Unknown snail sp. Grazer
Hymenoptera Pergidae Acordulera sp. Sawfly
Hymenoptera Tenthredinidae Caliroa sp. Sawfly
Lepidoptera Arctiidae Halysidota tessellaris Inquiline
Lepidoptera Bucculatricidae Bucculatrix domicola Inquiline
Lepidoptera Bucculatricidae Bucculatrix nr. Albertiella Inquiline
Lepidoptera Coleophoridae Coleophora sp. Shelter avoider
Lepidoptera Gelechiidae Arogalea cristifasciella Leaf tier
Lepidoptera Gelechiidae Chionodes fuscomaculella Leaf tier
Lepidoptera Gelechiidae Coleotechnittes quercivorella Leaf tier
Lepidoptera Gelechiidae Unidentified webber Inquiline
Lepidoptera Gelechiidae Pseudotelphusa sp. Leaf tier
Lepidoptera Gelechiidae Trypanisma prudens Inquiline
Lepidoptera Geometridae Anacamptodes defectaria Inquiline
Lepidoptera Geometridae Besma quercivoraria Shelter avoider
Lepidoptera Geometridae Eutrapela clemataria Shelter avoider
Lepidoptera Geometridae Lambdina fervidara Shelter avoider
Lepidoptera Geometridae Nemoria bistriaria Shelter avoider
Lepidoptera Gracillariidae Phyllonorycter tcheua Inquiline
Lepidoptera Hesperiidae Erynnis juvenalis Leaf tier
Lepidoptera Incurvariidae Paraclemensia sp. Shelter avoider
Lepidoptera Limacodidae Adoneta spinuloides§ Shelter avoider
Lepidoptera Limacodidae Apoda biguttata Inquiline
Lepidoptera Limacodidae Euclea delphinii Inquiline
Lepidoptera Limacodidae Isa textula Inquiline
Lepidoptera Limacodidae Natada nasoni Inquiline
Lepidoptera Limacodidae Parasa chloris Shelter avoider
Lepidoptera Limacodidae Parasa indetermina Inquiline
Lepidoptera Limacodidae Phobetron pithecium Shelter avoider
Lepidoptera Limacodidae Prolimacodes badia Shelter avoider
Lepidoptera Limacodidae Sabine stimulea Inquiline
Lepidoptera Lymantriidae Dasychira atrivenosa Inquiline
Lepidoptera Lymantriidae Dasychira obliquata Inquiline
Lepidoptera Megalopygidae Lagoa crispata Shelter avoider
Lepidoptera Nepticulidae Stigmella sp. Inquiline
Lepidoptera Noctuidae Acronicta haesitata Inquiline
Lepidoptera Noctuidae Charada deridens Leaf tier
Lepidoptera Noctuidae Hyperstrotia secta Shelter avoider
Lepidoptera Noctuidae Meganola miniscula Inquiline
Lepidoptera Noctuidae Morrisonia confusa Leaf tier
Lepidoptera Noctuidae Orthosia rubescens Shelter avoider
Lepidoptera Notodontidae Datana contracta Shelter avoider
Lepidoptera Notodontidae Heterocampa guttivitta Shelter avoider
Lepidoptera Notodontidae Heterocampa obliqua Shelter avoider
Lepidoptera Notodontidae Hyperaeschra georgica Shelter avoider
Lepidoptera Notodontidae Lochmaeus manteo Inquiline
Lepidoptera Notodontidae Macrurocampa marthesia Shelter avoider
Lepidoptera Notodontidae Nadata gibbosa Inquiline
Lepidoptera Notodontidae Oligocentria lignicolor Inquiline
Lepidoptera Notodontidae Oligocentria semirufescens Inquiline
Lepidoptera Notodontidae Peridea angulosa Shelter avoider
Lepidoptera Notodontidae Schizura ipomoeae Shelter avoider
Lepidoptera Notodontidae Symmerista albifrons Shelter avoider
Lepidoptera Oecophoridae Antaeotricha humilis§ Leaf tier
Lepidoptera Oecophoridae Antaeotricha osscella Leaf tier
Lepidoptera Oecophoridae Antaeotricha schlaegeri Leaf tier
Lepidoptera Oecophoridae Machimia tentoriferella Inquiline
Lepidoptera Oecophoridae Psilocorsis cryptolechiella Leaf tier
Lepidoptera Oecophoridae Psilocorsis quercicella Leaf tier
Lepidoptera Oecophoridae Psilocorsis reflexella Leaf tier
Lepidoptera Oecophoridae Setiostoma xanthobasis§ Leaf tier
Lepidoptera Pyralidae Basket-making pyralid Shelter avoider
Lepidoptera Pyralidae Oneida lunalalis Leaf tier
Lepidoptera Pyralidae Pococera expandens Leaf tier
Lepidoptera Pyralidae Salebriaria engeli Leaf tier
Lepidoptera Pyralidae Salebriaria tenebrosella Leaf tier
Lepidoptera Pyralidae Unknown sp. Leaf tier
Lepidoptera Saturniidae Antheraea polyphemus Shelter avoider
Lepidoptera Stenomidae Menesta melanella Shelter avoider
Lepidoptera Tisheriidae Tisheria citripinella Inquiline
Lepidoptera Tortricidae Anclis divisana Leaf tier
Lepidoptera Tortricidae Choristoneura rosaceana Leaf tier
Lepidoptera Tortricidae Pandemis limitata Leaf tier
Lepidoptera Tortricidae Unknown frass tuber Inquiline
Orthoptera Acrididae Melanoplus sp.§ Grazer
Orthoptera Tettigoniidae Scudderia sp.§ Grazer
Phasmida Heteronemiidae Diapheromera femorata Grazer
Phasmida Heteronemiidae Megaphasma denticrus Grazer

Inquilines are caterpillar species that do not make leaf ties but occupy them on occasion, and shelter-avoiders are species that are never found inside shelters.

These non-lepidopteran species have been recorded inside leaf ties as well.

§These species were unique to the artificial tie treatments in both 1999 and 2000.

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