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Melodie A. McGeoch, Dian Spear, Elizabeth J. Kleynhans, and Elrike Marais. 2012. Uncertainty in invasive alien species listing. Ecological Applications 22:959–971.

Appendix B (Table B1). Stratified, random selection of 57 countries for which a documented-evidence based approach was used to compile invasive alien species lists (see McGeoch et al. 2010 for details on stratified, random selection method).

Albania  Egypt  Senegal 
Angola  Equatorial Guinea  Seychelles 
Armenia  Ethiopia  Singapore 
Austria  Fiji  Slovenia 
Bangladesh  Guatemala  Solomon Islands 
Barbados  India  South Africa 
Belarus  Kenya  Suriname 
Botswana  Latvia  Sweden 
Brunei Darussalam  Lebanon  Timor-Leste 
Burundi  Luxembourg  Togo 
Cameroon  Malaysia  Trinidad and Tobago 
Canada  Mali  Tunisia 
Chad  Mauritius  Turkey 
Chile  Nepal  Turkmenistan 
Colombia  New Zealand  United Kingdom
Cyprus  Panama  Uruguay 
Dem. Rep. Congo  Philippines  Venezuela 
Djibouti  Saint Lucia  Yemen 
Dominica  Samoa  Zambia 

Literature Cited

McGeoch, M. A., S. H. M. Butchart, D. Spear, E. Marais, E. J. Kleynhans, A. Symes, J. Chanson, and M. Hoffmann. 2010. Global indicators of biological invasion: species numbers, biodiversity impact and policy responses. Diversity and Distributions 16:95–108.

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