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Digital Appendices and Supplements for Ecological Applications, Volume 20, 2010



Bobbink, R., K. Hicks, J. Galloway, T. Spranger, R. Alkemade, M. Ashmore, M. Bustamante, S. Cinderby, E. Davidson, F. Dentener, B. Emmett, J.-W. Erisman, M. Fenn, F. Gilliam, A. Nordin, L. Pardo, and W. De Vries. 2010.
Global assessment of nitrogen deposition effects on terrestrial plant diversity: a synthesis.
Ecological Applications 20:30–59.
Ecological Archives A020-001.

Yuan, Lester L. 2010.
Estimating the effects of excess nutrients on stream invertebrates from observational data.
Ecological Applications 20:110–125.
Ecological Archives A020-002.

Marczak, Laurie B., Takashi Sakamaki, Shannon L. Turvey, Isabelle Deguise, Sylvia L. R. Wood, and John S. Richardson. 2010.
Are forested buffers an effective conservation strategy for riparian fauna? An assessment using meta-analysis.
Ecological Applications 20:126–134.
Ecological Archives A020-003.

Jorgenson, Janet C., Jay M. Ver Hoef, and M. T. Jorgenson. 2010.
Long-term recovery patterns of arctic tundra after winter seismic exploration.
Ecological Applications 20:205–221.
Ecological Archives A020-004.

Cross, P. C., E. K. Cole, A. P. Dobson, W. H. Edwards, K. L. Hamlin, G. Luikart, A. D. Middleton, B. M. Scurlock, and P. J. White. 2010.
Probable causes of increasing brucellosis in free-ranging elk of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.
Ecological Applications 20:278–288.
Ecological Archives A020-005.

Adams, Michael J., Nathan D. Chelgren, David Reinitz, Rebecca A. Cole, Lara J. Rachowicz, Stephanie Galvan, Brome McCreary, Christopher A. Pearl, Larissa L. Bailey, Jamie Bettaso, Evelyn L. Bull, and Matthias Leu. 2010.
Using occupancy models to understand the distribution and prevalence of an amphibian pathogen, Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis.
Ecological Applications 20:289–302.
Ecological Archives A020-006.

Colunga-Garcia, Manuel, Roger A. Magarey, Robert A. Haack, Stuart H. Gage, and Jiaquo Qi. 2010.
Enhancing early detection of exotic pests in agricultural and forest ecosystems using an urban-gradient framework.
Ecological Applications 20:303–310.
Ecological Archives A020-007.

Jones, Chad C., Steven A. Acker, and Charles B. Halpern. 2010.
Combining local- and large-scale models to predict the distributions of invasive plant species.
Ecological Applications 20:311–326.
Ecological Archives A020-008.

Ravenscroft, Catherine, Robert M. Scheller, David J. Mladenoff, and Mark White. 2010.
Forest restoration in a mixed-ownership landscape under climate change.
Ecological Applications 20:327–346.
Ecological Archives A020-009.

Holdo, Ricardo M., Kathleen A. Galvin, Eli Knapp, Stephen Polasky, Ray Hilborn, and Robert D. Holt. 2010.
Responses to alternative rainfall regimes and antipoaching in a migratory system.
Ecological Applications 20:381–397.
Ecological Archives A020-010.

Ryder, Thomas B., Robert Reitsma, Brian Evans, and Peter P. Marra. 2010.
Quantifying avian nest survival along an urbanization gradient using citizen- and scientist-generated data.
Ecological Applications 20:419–426.
Ecological Archives A020-011.

Hare, Jonathan A., Michael A. Alexander, Michael J. Fogarty, Erik H. Williams, and James D. Scott. 2010.
Forecasting the dynamics of a coastal fishery species using a coupled climate–population model.
Ecological Applications 20:452–464.
Ecological Archives A020-012.

McElhany, Paul, E. Ashley Steel, Karen Avery, Naomi Yoder, Craig Busack, and Brad Thompson. 2010.
Dealing with uncertainty in ecosystem models: lessons from a complex salmon model.
Ecological Applications 20:465–482.
Ecological Archives A020-013.

Sakaris, Peter C., and Elise R. Irwin. 2010.
Tuning stochastic matrix models with hydrologic data to predict the population dynamics of a riverine fish.
Ecological Applications 20:483–496.
Ecological Archives A020-014.

Lehrter, John C., and Just Cebrian. 2010.
Uncertainty propagation in an ecosystem nutrient budget.
Ecological Applications 20:508–524.
Ecological Archives A020-015.

Hossler, Katie, and Virginie Bouchard. 2010.
Soil development and establishment of carbon-based properties in created freshwater marshes.
Ecological Applications 20:539–553.
Ecological Archives A020-016.

Fabiszewski, Anna M., James Umbanhowar, and Charles E. Mitchell. 2010.
Modeling landscape-scale pathogen spillover between domesticated and wild hosts: Asian soybean rust and kudzu.
Ecological Applications 20:582–592.
Ecological Archives A020-017.

Miller, Tom E. X., and Brigitte Tenhumberg. 2010.
Contributions of demography and dispersal parameters to the spatial spread of a stage-structured insect invasion.
Ecological Applications 20:620–633.
Ecological Archives A020-018.

Lu, Fei, Xiaoke Wang, Bing Han, Zhiyun Ouyang, Xiaonan Duan, and Hua Zheng. 2010.
Net mitigation potential of straw return to Chinese cropland: estimation with a full greenhouse gas budget model.
Ecological Applications 20:634–647.
Ecological Archives A020-019.

Lichstein, Jeremy W., Jonathan Dushoff, Kiona Ogle, Anping Chen, Drew W. Purves, John P. Caspersen, and Stephen W. Pacala. 2010.
Unlocking the forest inventory data: relating individual tree performance to unmeasured environmental factors.
Ecological Applications 20:684–699.
Ecological Archives A020-020.

Gustafson, Eric J., Anatoly Z. Shvidenko, Brian R. Sturtevant, and Robert M. Scheller. 2010.
Predicting global change effects on forest biomass and composition in south-central Siberia.
Ecological Applications 20:700–715.
Ecological Archives A020-021.

Richardson, Paul J., Jeremy T. Lundholm, and Douglas W. Larson. 2010.
Natural analogues of degraded ecosystems enhance conservation and reconstruction in extreme environments.
Ecological Applications 20:728–740.
Ecological Archives A020-022.

Work, Timothy T., Joshua M. Jacobs, John R. Spence, and W. Jan Volney. 2010.
High levels of green-tree retention are required to preserve ground beetle biodiversity in boreal mixedwood forests.
Ecological Applications 20:741–751.
Ecological Archives A020-023.

Rode, Karyn D., Steven C. Amstrup, and Eric V. Regehr. 2010.
Reduced body size and cub recruitment in polar bears associated with sea ice decline.
Ecological Applications 20:768–782.
Ecological Archives A020-024.

Chirakkal, Haridas, and Leah R. Gerber. 2010.
Short- and long-term population response to changes in vital rates: implications for demographic population viability analysis.
Ecological Applications 20:783–788.
Ecological Archives A020-025.

Heffernan, James B., Dina M. Liebowitz, Thomas K. Frazer, Jason M. Evans, and Matthew J. Cohen. 2010.
Algal blooms and the nitrogen-enrichment hypothesis in Florida springs: evidence, alternatives, and adaptive management.
Ecological Applications 20:816–829.
Ecological Archives A020-026.

Claudet, J., C. W. Osenberg, P. Domenici, F. Badalamenti, M. Milazzo, J. M. Falcón, I. Bertocci, L. Benedetti-Cecchi, J.-A. García-Charton, R. Goñi, J. A. Borg, A. Forcada, A. de Lucia, Á. Pérez-Ruzafa, P. Afonso, A. Brito, I. Guala, L. Le Diréach, P. Sanchez-Jerez, P. J. Somerfield, and S. Planes. 2010.
Marine reserves: Fish life history and ecological traits matter.
Ecological Applications 20:830–839.
Ecological Archives A020-027.

De'ath, Glenn, and Katharina Fabricius. 2010.
Water quality as a regional driver of coral biodiversity and macroalgae on the Great Barrier Reef.
Ecological Applications 20:840–850.
Ecological Archives A020-028.

Butsic, Van, David J. Lewis, and Volker C. Radeloff. 2010.
Lakeshore zoning has heterogeneous ecological effects: an application of a coupled economic-ecological model.
Ecological Applications 20:867–879.
Ecological Archives A020-029.

Fenichel, Eli P., Richard D. Horan, and Graham J. Hickling. 2010.
Management of infectious wildlife diseases: bridging conventional and bioeconomic approaches.
Ecological Applications 20:903–914.
Ecological Archives A020-030.

Fulford, Richard S., Denise L. Breitburg, Mark Luckenbach, and Roger I. E. Newell. 2010.
Evaluating ecosystem response to oyster restoration and nutrient load reduction with a multispecies bioenergetics model.
Ecological Applications 20:915–934.
Ecological Archives A020-031.

Fraser, Dylan J., Aimee Lee S. Houde, Paul V. Debes, Patrick O'Reilly, James D. Eddington, and Jeffrey A. Hutchings. 2010.
Consequences of farmed–wild hybridization across divergent wild populations and multiple traits in salmon.
Ecological Applications 20:935–953.
Ecological Archives A020-032.

Peterson, Douglas P., Bruce E. Rieman, Michael K. Young, and James A. Brammer. 2010.
Modeling predicts that redd trampling by cattle may contribute to population declines of native trout.
Ecological Applications 20:954–966.
Ecological Archives A020-033.

Johnson, Richard K., and Daniel Hering. 2010.
Spatial congruency of benthic diatom, invertebrate, macrophyte, and fish assemblages in European streams.
Ecological Applications 20:978–992.
Ecological Archives A020-034.

Olivier, Anthony, Christophe Barbraud, Elisabeth Rosecchi, Christophe Germain, and Marc Cheylan. 2010.
Assessing spatial and temporal population dynamics of cryptic species: an example with the European pond turtle.
Ecological Applications 20:993–1004.
Ecological Archives A020-035.

Aslan, Clare E., and Marcel Rejmánek. 2010.
Avian use of introduced plants: Ornithologist records illuminate interspecific associations and research needs.
Ecological Applications 20:1005–1020.
Ecological Archives A020-036.

Russell, Ann E., James W. Raich, Ricardo Bedoya Arrieta, Oscar Valverde-Barrantes, and Eugenio González. 2010.
Impacts of individual tree species on carbon dynamics in a moist tropical forest environment.
Ecological Applications 20:1087–1100.
Ecological Archives A020-037.

Werling, Ben P., and Claudio Gratton. 2010.
Local and broadscale landscape structure differentially impact predation of two potato pests.
Ecological Applications 20:1114–1125.
Ecological Archives A020-038.

Baasch, Annett, Sabine Tischew, and Helge Bruelheide. 2010.
Twelve years of succession on sandy substrates in a post-mining landscape: A Markov chain analysis.
Ecological Applications 20:1136–1147.
Ecological Archives A020-039.

Ruben, Heleno, Inês Lacerda, Jaime A. Ramos, and Jane Memmott. 2010.
Evaluation of restoration effectiveness: community response to the removal of alien plants.
Ecological Applications 20:1191–1203.
Ecological Archives A020-040.

Jones, Holly P. 2010.
Evaluation of restoration effectiveness: community response to the removal of alien plants.
Ecological Applications 20:1204–1216.
Ecological Archives A020-041.

O'Rourke, Megan E., Thomas W. Sappington, and Shelby J. Fleischer. 2010.
Managing resistance to Bt crops in a genetically variable insect herbivore, Ostrinia nubilalis.
Ecological Applications 20:1228–1236.
Ecological Archives A020-042.

Richards, Anna E., and Susanne Schmidt. 2010.
Complementary resource use by tree species in a rain forest tree plantation.
Ecological Applications 20:1237–1254.
Ecological Archives A020-043.

Cole, R. J., K. D. Holl, and R. A. Zahawi. 2010.
Seed rain under tree islands planted to restore degraded lands in a tropical agricultural landscape.
Ecological Applications 20:1255–1269.
Ecological Archives A020-044.

Rao, Leela E., Edith B. Allen, and Thomas Meixner. 2010.
Risk-based determination of critical nitrogen deposition loads for fire spread in southern California deserts.
Ecological Applications 20:1320–1335.
Ecological Archives A020-045.

Isaak, Daniel J., Charles H. Luce, Bruce E. Rieman, David E. Nagel, Erin E. Peterson, Dona L. Horan, Sharon Parkes, and Gwynne L. Chandler. 2010.
Effects of climate change and wildfire on stream temperature and salmonid thermal habitat in a mountain river network.
Ecological Applications 20:1350–1370.
Ecological Archives A020-046.

Sundström, L. Fredrik, Mare Lõhmus, and Robert H. Devlin. 2010.
Migration and growth potential of coho salmon smolts: implications for ecological impacts from growth-enhanced fish.
Ecological Applications 20:1372–1383.
Ecological Archives A020-047.

Cuffney, Thomas F., Robin A. Brightbill, Jason T. May, and Ian R. White. 2010.
Responses of benthic macroinvertebrates to environmental changes associated with urbanization in nine metropolitan areas.
Ecological Applications 20:1384–1401.
Ecological Archives A020-048.

Teck, Sarah J., Benjamin S. Halpern, Carrie V. Kappel, Fiorenza Micheli, Kimberly A. Selkoe, Caitlin M. Crain, Rebecca Martone, Christine Shearer, Joe Arvai, Baruch Fischhoff, Grant Murray, Rabin Neslo, and Roger Cooke. 2010.
Using expert judgment to estimate marine ecosystem vulnerability in the California Current.
Ecological Applications 20:1402–1416.
Ecological Archives A020-049.

Mac Nally, Ralph, James R. Thomson, Wim J. Kimmerer, Frederick Feyrer, Ken B. Newman, Andy Sih, William A. Bennett, Larry Brown, Erica Fleishman, Steven D. Culberson, and Gonzalo Castillo. 2010.
Analysis of pelagic species decline in the upper San Francisco Estuary using multivariate autoregressive modelling (MAR).
Ecological Applications 20:1417–1430.
Ecological Archives A020-050.

Thomson, James R., Wim J. Kimmerer, Larry R. Brown, Ken B. Newman, Ralph Mac Nally, William A. Bennett, Frederick Feyrer, and Erica Fleishman. 2010.
Bayesian change point analysis of abundance trends for pelagic fishes in the upper San Francisco Estuary.
Ecological Applications 20:1431–1448.
Ecological Archives A020-051.

Forbes, Valery E., Mette Olsen, Annemette Palmqvist, and Peter Calow. 2010.
Environmentally sensitive life-cycle traits have low elasticity: implications for theory and practice.
Ecological Applications 20:1449–1455.
Ecological Archives A020-052.

Hines, J. E., J. D. Nichols, J. A. Royle, D. I. MacKenzie, A. M. Gopalaswamy, N. Samba Kumar, and K. U. Karanth. 2010.
Tigers on trails: occupancy modeling for cluster sampling.
Ecological Applications 20:1456–1466.
Ecological Archives A020-053.

Waddle, J. Hardin, Robert M. Dorazio, Susan C. Walls, Kenneth G. Rice, Jeff Beauchamp, Melinda J. Schuman, and Frank J. Mazzotti. 2010.
A new parameterization for estimating co-occurrence of interacting species.
Ecological Applications 20:1467–1475.
Ecological Archives A020-054.

Sabatino, Malena, Néstor Maceira, and Marcelo A. Aizen. 2010.
Direct effects of habitat area on interaction diversity in pollination webs.
Ecological Applications 20:1491–1497.
Ecological Archives A020-055.

Villéger, Sébastien, Julia Ramos Miranda, Domingo Flores Hernández, and David Mouillot. 2010.
Contrasting changes in taxonomic vs. functional diversity of tropical fish communities after habitat degradation.
Ecological Applications 20:1512–1522.
Ecological Archives A020-056.

White, J. Wilson, Louis W. Botsford, Elizabeth A. Moffitt, and Douglas T. Fischer. 2010.
Decision analysis for designing marine protected areas for multiple species with uncertain fishery status.
Ecological Applications 20:1523–1541.
Ecological Archives A020-057.

Rabotyagov, Sergey, Todd Campbell, Manoj Jha, Philip W. Gassman, Jeffrey Arnold, Lyubov Kurkalova, Silvia Secchi, Hongli Feng, and Catherine L. Kling. 2010.
Least-cost control of agricultural nutrient contributions to the Gulf of Mexico hypoxic zone.
Ecological Applications 20:1542–1555.
Ecological Archives A020-058.

Moseman-Valtierra, S. M., K. Armaiz-Nolla, and L. A. Levin. 2010.
Wetland response to sedimentation and nitrogen loading: diversification and inhibition of nitrogen-fixing microbes.
Ecological Applications 20:1556–1568.
Ecological Archives A020-059.

Boby, Leslie A., Edward A. G. Schuur, Michelle C. Mack, David Verbyla, and Jill F. Johnstone. 2010.
Quantifying fire severity, carbon, and nitrogen emissions in Alaska's boreal forest.
Ecological Applications 20:1633–1647.
Ecological Archives A020-060.

Patiño, Jairo, Kristoffer Hylander, and Juana M. González-Mancebo. 2010.
Effect of forest clear-cutting on subtropical bryophyte communities in waterfalls, on dripping walls, and along streams.
Ecological Applications 20:1648–1663.
Ecological Archives A020-061.

Wilson, K. A., E. Meijaard, S. Drummond, H. S. Grantham, L. Boitani, G. Catullo, L. Christie, R. Dennis, I. Dutton, A. Falcucci, L. Maiorano, H. P. Possingham, C. Rondinini, W. R. Turner, O. Venter, and M. Watts. 2010.
Conserving biodiversity in production landscapes.
Ecological Applications 20:1721–1732.
Ecological Archives A020-062.

Donohue, Ian, Manel Leira, William Hobbs, Luis León-Vintró, Jennifer O'Reilly, and Kenneth Irvine. 2010.
Rapid ecosystem recovery from diffuse pollution after the Great Irish Famine.
Ecological Applications 20:1733–1743.
Ecological Archives A020-063.

Johnson, Heather E., L. Scott Mills, Thomas R. Stephenson, and John D. Wehausen. 2010.
Population-specific vital rate contributions influence management of an endangered ungulate.
Ecological Applications 20:1753–1765.
Ecological Archives A020-064.

Kangas, K., M. Luoto, A. Ihantola, E. Tomppo, and P. Siikamäki. 2010.
Recreation induced changes in boreal bird communities in protected areas.
Ecological Applications 20:1775–1786.
Ecological Archives A020-065.

Poveda, Katja, María I. Gómez Jiménez, and André Kessler. 2010.
The enemy as ally: herbivore-induced increase in crop yield.
Ecological Applications 20:1787–1793
Ecological Archives A020-066.

Molinos, Jorge García, and Ian Donohue. 2010.
Interactions among temporal patterns determine the effects of multiple stressors.
Ecological Applications 20:1794–1800
Ecological Archives A020-067.

Dwyer, John M., Rod J. Fensham, and Yvonne M. Buckley. 2010.
Agricultural legacy, climate, and soil influence the restoration and carbon potential of woody regrowth in Australia.
Ecological Applications 20:1838–1850
Ecological Archives A020-068.

Quiroga, R. Emiliano, Rodolfo A. Golluscio, Lisandro J. Blanco, and Roberto J. Fernández. 2010.
Aridity and grazing as convergent selective forces: an experiment with an Arid Chaco bunchgrass.
Ecological Applications 20:1876–1889
Ecological Archives A020-069.

Knochel, David G., and Timothy R. Seastedt. 2010.
Reconciling contradictory findings of herbivore impacts on the growth and reproduction of spotted knapweed (Centaurea stoebe) growth and reproduction.
Ecological Applications 20:1903–1912
Ecological Archives A020-070.

de Valpine, Perry, Katherine Scranton, and Clifford P. Ohmart 2010.
Synchrony of population dynamics of two vineyard arthropods occurs at multiple spatial and temporal scales.
Ecological Applications 20:1926–1935
Ecological Archives A020-071.

Kellner, Julie B., Steven Y. Litvin, Alan Hastings, Fiorenza Micheli, and Peter J. Mumby. 2010.
Disentangling trophic interactions inside a Caribbean marine reserve.
Ecological Applications 20:1979–1992
Ecological Archives A020-072.

Richmond, Orien M. W., James E. Hines, and Steven R. Beissinger. 2010.
Two-species occupancy models: a new parameterization applied to co-occurrence of secretive rails.
Ecological Applications 20:2036–2046
Ecological Archives A020-073.

Shustack, Daniel P., and Amanda D. Rodewald. 2010.
A method for detecting undervalued resources with application to breeding birds.
Ecological Applications 20:2047–2057
Ecological Archives A020-074.

Almberg, Emily S., Paul C. Cross, and Douglas W. Smith. 2010.
Persistence of canine distemper virus in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem's carnivore community.
Ecological Applications 20:2058–2074
Ecological Archives A020-075.

Marcarelli, Amy M., Robert W. Van Kirk, Colden V. Baxter. 2010.
Predicting effects of hydrologic alteration and climate change on ecosystem metabolism in a western U.S. river.
Ecological Applications 20:2081–2088
Ecological Archives A020-076.

Turner, Andrew M., and Michael F. Chislock. 2010.
Blinded by the stink: Nutrient enrichment impairs the perception of predation risk by freshwater snails.
Ecological Applications 20:2089–2095
Ecological Archives A020-077.

Bryan, Jane, Phil Shearman, Julian Ash, and J. B. Kirkpatrick. 2010.
Impact of logging on aboveground biomass stocks in lowland rain forest, Papua New Guinea.
Ecological Applications 20:2096–2103
Ecological Archives A020-078.

Betts, M. G., J. C. Hagar, J. W. Rivers, J. D. Alexander, K. McGarigal, and B. C. McComb. 2010.
Thresholds in forest bird occurrence as a function of the amount of early-seral broadleaf forest at landscape scales.
Ecological Applications 20:2116–2130
Ecological Archives A020-079.

Szabo, Judit K., Peter A. Vesk, Peter W. J. Baxter, and Hugh P. Possingham. 2010.
Regional avian species declines estimated from volunteer-collected long-term data using List Length Analysis.
Ecological Applications 20:2157–2169
Ecological Archives A020-080.

Goffredo, Stefano, Francesco Pensa, Patrizia Neri, Antonio Orlandi, Maria Scola Gagliardi, Angela Velardi, Corrado Piccinetti, and Francesco Zaccanti. 2010.
Unite research with what citizens do for fun: “recreational monitoring” of marine biodiversity.
Ecological Applications 20:2170–2187
Ecological Archives A020-081.

Ainsworth, Cameron H., Isaac C. Kaplan, Phillip S. Levin, and Marc Mangel. 2010.
A statistical approach for estimating fish diet compositions from multiple data sources: Gulf of California case study.
Ecological Applications 20:2188–2202
Ecological Archives A020-082.

Parnell, P. Ed, Paul K. Dayton, Rachelle A. Fisher, Cina C. Loarie, and Ryan D. Darrow. 2010.
Spatial patterns of fishing effort off San Diego: implications for zonal management and ecosystem function.
Ecological Applications 20:2203–2222
Ecological Archives A020-083.

Lindegren, Martin, Christian Möllman, and Lars-Anders Hansson. 2010.
Biomanipulation: a tool in marine ecosystem management and restoration?
Ecological Applications 20:2237–2248
Ecological Archives A020-084.

Koprivnikar, J. 2010.
Interactions of environmental stressors impact survival and development of parasitized larval amphibians.
Ecological Applications 20:2263–2272
Ecological Archives A020-085.

Kolbe, Jason J., Michael Kearney, and Richard Shine. 2010.
Modeling the consequences of thermal trait variation for the cane toad invasion of Australia.
Ecological Applications 20:2273–2285
Ecological Archives A020-086.

Drake, D. Andrew R., Mandrak, Nicholas E. 2010.
Least-cost transportation networks predict spatial interaction of invasion vectors.
Ecological Applications 20:2286–2295
Ecological Archives A020-087.

Stenbacka, Fredrik, Joakim Hjältén, Jacek Hilszczanski, and Mats Dynesius. 2010.
Saproxylic and non-saproxylic beetle assemblages in boreal spruce forests of different age and forestry intensity.
Ecological Applications 20:2310–2321
Ecological Archives A020-088.

Bianchi, F. J. J. A., N. A. Schellhorn, Y. M. Buckley, and H. P. Possingham. 2010.
Spatial variability in ecosystem services: simple rules for predator-mediated pest suppression.
Ecological Applications 20:2322–2333
Ecological Archives A020-089.

Lynch, Heather J., Sara Zeigler, Leslie Wells, Jonathan D. Ballou, and William F. Fagan. 2010.
Survivorship patterns in captive mammalian populations: implications for estimating population growth rates.
Ecological Applications 20:2334–2345
Ecological Archives A020-090.


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