Ecological Archives A016-039-A1

Mary Ann Cunningham and Douglas H. Johnson. 2006. Proximate and landscape factors influence grassland bird distributions. Ecological Applications 16:1062–1075.

Appendix A. Plots of ΔAIC show scales of response and comparisons between years, as well as comparisons between proximate, landscape, and combined models.

Graphs of ΔAIC compare models within a set. Best models have ΔAIC = 0, but models with ΔAIC < 3 can be considered competitive with the best model. Triangles indicate ΔAIC for proximate models. Dashed lines show ΔAIC across scales for models containing only year and one landscape variable (e.g., year + tree200). Solid lines show ΔAIC for combined (proximate and landscape) models at 200 to 1600 m scales. For proximate models, both 50-m and 100-m versions of the best model are shown where both were used.

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