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Digital Appendices and Supplements for
Ecological Applications, Volume 9, 1999

Saab, Victoria. 1999.
Importance of spatial scale to habitat use by breeding birds in riparian forests: a hierarchical analysis.
Ecological Applications 9:135-151.
Ecological Archives A009-001.

Blair, Robert B. 1999.
Birds and butterflies along an urban gradient: surrogate taxa for assessing biodiversity.
Ecological Applications 9:164-170.
Ecological Archives A009-002 and A009-003.

Laurance, William F., Glaude Gascon, and Judy M. Rankin de Merona. 1999.
Predicting effects of habitat destruction on plant communities: a test of a model using Amazonian trees.
Ecological Applications 9:548-554.
Ecological Archives A009-004.

Haddad, Nick M. 1999.
Corridor and distance effects on interpatch movements: a landscape experiment with butterflies.
Ecological Applications 9:612-622.
Ecological Archives A009-005.

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